Friday, February 17, 2012

Germaphobe Justification


This right here.

THIS is why I will NEVER let anyone make me feel bad when I don't want to touch or put my child in a grocery store cart without cleaning and putting a cart cover on it first:

You know those carts rarely get cleaned, much less sanitized.  Think about it.  Have YOU ever seen an employee bleaching those bad boys?  Everyone knows that diarrhea spreads bacteria that makes you sick - I've even seen signs near lakes and swimming pools prohibiting you from even entering the water if you've had it (which I'm sure people ignore) within the past 72 hours.  Just because you can't SEE it doesn't mean it isn't there.  THIS is how you and your kids get sick and end up with (sorry for the grossness but...) it coming out both ends .  Terrible.

I've had people roll their eyes at me when I stop to clean my cart.  I've had people look at me like I'm dumb when I say I will just let my kid walk because I don't have my cart cover with me, rather than stick him in a naked cart.  Even my husband sometimes acts like I'm overreacting when I gripe at the boy to not pull it off the handle or to not touch the bare cart.  I don't even like to set my purse on those seats if they're bare, and this is why.


This is the reality.  These nasty people EXIST.  These people don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom, or they just sorta run their hands under the faucet for a few seconds (it's 20 seconds of lathering MINIMUM folks!) so they may as well not wash their hands at all.  They cough and sneeze into their hands, congratulating themselves on being so great at stopping the germs from spraying all over, then proceed to touch every chair, doorknob, and soda fountain in sight.  They rub their noses before grabbing the salad tongs at a buffet.  They think their kid pooping on stuff that other people have to use too is funny.

I will NEVER let someone make me feel bad for being germaphobic in certain situations.  If you're ever with me and you think I'm being over the top, I'd like you to remember the above photo (from STFU Parents, may I never be enough of a clueless turd to end up there) and know that I'm NOT crazy, and I have reason.

(PS - this is also an excellent argument as to why it's so gross to put your purse on the kitchen counter or dining table.  Think of where that thing has been.)


Blogger Ale said...

Yes, I agree with you, there are so many nasty things out there to get us but think about this, if you don't come in contact with some bacteria, that is how children do not get enough immunization on their own bodies...AND get sick too easily! just a thought.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Miss M! said...

That's why I said "in certain situations." I will let my kid play at the Toddler playplace at McDonald's and at playgrounds. My mom let us get really dirty and go DAYS without a bath (which is kinda gross actually) and we were rarely sick. This is also why we don't buy antibacterial soaps and why I don't rush any of us to the doctor at the first sign of sniffles.

The thing is there are certain things and places that are excessively germy. Those are the things that I will go out of my avoid contact with. For instance - I don't pump gas. EVER. That's a husband job, LOL!

Trust me - when you have OCD (and I'm talking the real deal, diagnosed by a doctor, not just kinda type A) you think about ALL this stuff. Being too clean is almost as bad as being dirty.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Maggi said...

Oh my gosh, yes. The one time I neglected to bring sanitizing wipes with us on the plane, coming home from New York this week was the first time my kids caught something pretty nasty, and yes, it really was coming out both ends, for lack of a better phrase. My 7-month-old's still getting over it. I'm in total agreement that there are places where you need to be extra vigilant about germs, because some people are naaaasty.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Heidi Ide said...

Yuck! That is horrible on so many levels. But really what kind of parent would take a picture of that... If that were my baby, that would be the last thing I would be thinking. Let's take a picture so we can out it on Facebook... Poor kid!

12:28 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

OK so gross and I'm so crazy too - I've just started putting Peanut into the card without a sover, but I wipe it down like crazy all the time.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

Whaaaa?!?!? That's so gross! I don't have a cover but I wipe down those carts with a passion. And I have avoided some playgrounds and outings to the park during flu season or if I see snotty-nosed kids running around. My son is 13 months and he's never had more than a little cold- Thank GOD!

10:28 PM  

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