Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hi, My Name Is Miss M...

...and I'm a teeny, tiny dress addict.  

Yup.  I see them and I just can't help myself!  Yesterday there was a flea market in downtown Mesa that I wanted to check out, so I hauled my behind out of bed early and headed over there.  Bubba stayed home to hang out with his father.  Check out this cute little vintage camper that someone had:

I wish I could have seen inside!  That short wall right inside the door was wallpapered in vintage Valentine cards, and everything was done in pink and white.

While I was there, I popped in to say hi to my friend Dorie.  They were doing a historic home tour and her house was one of the ones on it.  The flea market was also conveniently on the little greenbelt in front of her house.  

I know we're not supposed to take these types of photos at arm's length, but hey!  Sometime's a girl has to do what a girl's gotta do.

After I left the flea market I was supposed to go see one of my friends from playgroup.  She invited me over to go through the clothes her girls had outgrown, but I wasn't scheduled to be there for another few hours. What to do, what to do?

Check out Goodwill because it was 50% off day, duh!  I didn't buy a whole lot.  I found a Ralph Lauren dress shirt that was three dollars and a royal blue Ralph Lauren Polo shirt that was a dollar for Bubba.  I also  scored another vintage Vera Neumann scarf for a dollar as well.  There were two new little dresses added to my collection:

This one is cute, but mostly I got it because Bubba likes ladybugs.

Another Little Bitty dress.  I love the smocking and the eyelet lace on the arm holes.

My big purchase was this:

Oh man.  This thing is HUGE, and kind of heavy.  I placed a quarter against the glass and it's nice and thick, with beveled edges.  The frame is completely intact.  There are no nicks or cracks in it.  It was marked $39.99, but since it was 50% off day I got to bring it home for a mere $20.  I love it!  I'll probably leave the frame gold for now, but won't totally discount the idea of painting it in the future.

After my thrifting adventure I went over to my friend's house to look at more baby clothes and hang out and chat a bit.  Here's what I brought home from her house:

Another Little Bitty dress.

I love the patchwork on this one.  So sweet!

This one is newborn sized.  I can't get over how tiny it is.  I love the peter pan collar and the teeny bows on the sleeves.

Another Little Bitty dress.  I love the scalloped trim with the eyelet lace.  Such a nice detail.

This one is more of a cotton like the fabric of polo shirts.  It has a matching diaper cover too.

I also got a few more diaper covers, including that white one with the lace ruffles across the bum.  I think that is my favorite out of all the ones I've gotten so far!  I also got some hats, some mittens, a few elastic headbands, and a pair of ruffly socks.  There were also some teeny newborn onesies (seriously, so so freaking tiny) and some newborn footie jammies.  Oh!  And teeny diapers too. 


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Blogger Sgarbossa Family said...

Glad you found some stuff you like. Give us a couple more months & the 3-6/6 mo stuff will be up for grabs. Sorry I had to run out so fast... Totally lost track of time.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Muffy said...

Sooooo darling!!! I love it all. That mirror is BEYOND fab too. Lucky lady!

9:58 AM  

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