Monday, February 06, 2012

Project Life Update - Week of 1/29 to 2/4

Here are this week's layouts!  Sorry for the delay in getting them up.  Blogger was giving me issues all day, and then I decided to take a really long (like 3.5 hours long) nap with the boy.

I took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest this week.  The title card I copied from here.  I think I even used the same font!  It's called Wendy Medium.    The "Lap Monkey" card was inspired by a combination of this one and this one.  I just cut a little flag out of a scrap of cardstock, stuck some old Heidi Swapp tape across the top (because I am not cool enough to own washi tape - someone please send washi tape!!!) and then stapled it to the card with my flat stapler.

Seriously, if you like to staple things to your pages, look for a flat stapler.  It doesn't leave those little loops on the back of the staple so it's easier to keep things flat on your page.  It's awesome.

Here's the other side.  I started to do the Photo A Day challenge that's been going around on blogs and Facebook this month.  I don't think I'll put every photo on these pages, but they will be nice to fill some empty spaces.

Something to note - on a few cards (the coonskin cap, pancakes) the journaling card had a "label" of sorts printed on it, but when I added the photo, the picture covered it up.  I just used my X-Acto knife to trim the part of the label that was covered and then lifted it so I could tuck the photo underneath.  Ta da!

Also worth noting - this month I sketched out my pages as I edited photos, to be sure that I had a space for everything and that my photos were the appropriate size for the space.  Talk about a "duh" moment!  It make everything go so much smoother because I wasn't forgetting what went where and what still needed to be done.  When I got my photos back from the printer, remembering what went where was a cinch and things came together much more quickly.

I also made more journaling cards this week.  I really tried to branch out a bit with these.  All the ones I made before were pretty basic, but these have a bit more going on.  I even downloaded the font the Twitter logo was based so I could make a tweet card!  This is how you know I'm a nerd.

I used three of my cards on this week's pages.  As usual, I've added them to my Facebook page where you can download them for free for your own personal use.  All you have to do is "like" the page to gain access to them!  Enjoy!

Oh!  One more thing.  Last week I mentioned that I was bummed that I forgot to leave a space for my Twitter cards on my layouts.  This week when I was cruising through Staples to look at the new Martha stuff buy printer ink I found these:

They were about four bucks.  Keep in mind though, that these are a bit smaller than the 3" x 4" cards, so you will have to trim things a little if you want to use them.

I took one and cut it in half horizontally. Now I could add those extra cards I forgot!  Of course, the holes were too close together to fit in the rings of an album, and the whole thing was too short to span the space between two rings.  What to do?

Well, I measured the distance between the rings in an album first.  Then I cut a strip of paper that long and twice as wide as the area of the protector with the holes.  I folded that strip in half lengthwise, then unfolded it and ran it through my Xyron.  I then folded the strip around the protector.

Now all I have to do is punch holes in it to match the ones in my album.  You know, when I actually get around to buying one.  :)

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Blogger Katrina said...

these look great!! loving the cards that you to "like" on facebook :)

4:39 AM  
Blogger VICKI IN AZ said...

what a lovely blog!! these cards are darling, thank you xoxo

4:45 PM  
Blogger Neeka said...

love those cards!

7:47 PM  

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