Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Life Update - Week of 2/5 to 2/11

I totally slacked off on getting these done in a timely manner.  I had been doing them on Sunday and then photographing and posting them on Monday.  However, we spent almost all of Sunday evening away from home, so I never got my photos printed.  Then Monday the website was giving me issues so I didn't get my pictures until that night.  Yesterday was Valentine's day so I really didn't feel like working on them...

You know how it goes sometimes.  

They're done now, however it's dark out so you get slightly wonky photos taken in my scraproom instead of the better lit ones that I usually take by my patio door.  Such is life, eh?

You can click on any picture to be see it larger.  Usually if you click on that larger version it will get even a bit bigger still so you can see details such as journaling.  I love reading other people's journaling!

I took a LOT of photos this week.  Like, I took a lot of photos as in it shocked me how many I had taken.  I swear I get to Saturday when I start pulling pics from my memory cards and phone and panic slightly that I didn't take enough photos that week, but then when I have them all in my working folder they surprise me.  This week I had to narrow it down from about 45 pictures!  Thank goodness for Instagram, the PicFrame app, and Photoshop.  Oh, and also for labels that I can stick over my pictures because otherwise I would have no room for journaling at all.

I think this is my favorite card that I have on these pages this week.  I scanned the page I wanted to write about and then cleaned up the image (the pages are really thin so you could see parts of the other side through the paper) a bit.  I made my canvas the right size in Photoshop and added journaling in a font (Century) to match the font in the book.  Finally, I added the little flag on the bottom in the same shade of blue as the bugs with the date in the same darker pink as the top of the page, in a font called Doctor Soos.   I love it!

On the facing page, I took a few liberties with the basic layout, most notably on the bottom right where I put photos of our Saturday picnic.  It's slightly awkward, but I think I made it work for the most part.  I'm really liking using my typewriter for the journaling.  I find that I can fit more words in a smaller space this way.  Of course, I'm still trying to get my handwriting on each set of pages a little bit so it can be recorded for posterity.

Here are the cards I did for the free download this week.  I used one of them on my Super Bowl @ home block.  I haven't really done any 4" x 6" cards so I thought I'd add some to the collection.  As always, they are available on the Facebook page for this blog absolutely free if you "Like" the page.  Please keep them for your own personal use, as they are not for resale or distribution.


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Blogger *nichole* said...

love it, girl! I really like your approach with this...inspiring! :) and loving those cards as well-may just have to print some!! thank you! :)

7:50 PM  
Blogger lemondedis said...

j'adore !... mais le lien vers les freebies est rompu sur votre page facebook : comment faire ?... merci d'avance...

1:48 PM  

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