Tuesday, February 07, 2012

20 weeks- Halfway There!

I went in for my follow up ultrasound yesterday.  If you remember, I had to have my second trimester/measurement screening early because I slightly failed my nuchal translucency test at the beginning of my pregnancy.  Instead of doing it at eighteen weeks like they normally do, they did it at 16.  Fortunately, the doctors (the one at the Fetal and Women's Center and my OB) didn't see anything that was an indicator of a genetic problem then, but they still wanted to follow up in four weeks.  A baby at 16 weeks is still really small, and it was just to be sure.  I'm all about being as sure as possible, so I wasn't going to say anything!

First off - 

Hooray Kelly is still a girl!  I read so many horror stories over the years of people who found out the sex of their baby early, only to find out later that their "hamburger" was really a "hot dog!"  (yeah, people actually put it that way.  gross, but funny.) As you know, I have a whole lot of little dresses waiting for this child, so to switch now would be a total bummer.  Luckily, everything is still the same in that department!

My child had this stubborn insistence on laying in a position that kept the tech from getting all the photos she needed.  She's also very fidgety - she doesn't move and roll all over like Bubba did, but she wiggles and fidgets just enough so it's hard to get a clear shot of what they're trying to shoot!  Finally the tech had me roll over onto my belly (!!!) and lay that way for about five minutes.  Sure enough, she didn't like that and rearranged herself so we could finish the scan.

They managed to get everything they needed, minus a clear shot of her tailbone.  The doctor explained that was to check for the spina bifida indicator, but since my blood test results came back super low for that she wasn't worried.  The good news is that everything looks good.  There are still no indicators of problems.  She's growing like she should, measuring a whopping three days (haha) ahead of schedule.  She has a good heartbeat and is very active.  Based on all this, and also the previous discussion that I had with my OB, I decided to go ahead and skip the amniocentesis.

The location where I was going before closed down so I had to go to a different office.  It's smaller and not quite as nice as the other one.  The waiting room was tiny and only had ten chairs.  Several women were there with their significant others, which is fine.  The problem was that there were guys sitting in chairs while there was a woman who was very pregnant standing up!  Seriously, if I found out my son didn't at least offer his seat to a pregnant woman in a crowded waiting room, I would kick his skinny little butt!  Some people have no manners!

I do have to say though - the other location spoiled me.  I've gotten CDs of images from my ultrasound but this time I only got the print outs so I had to scan them.  They did do a few 4D images though.

I usually find those extremely creepy, but there's something about getting to (sorta) see your child's face for the first time, months before you know she will be out of your body, is kind of awe-inspiring.  Technology is amazing.

I'm not sure why I got this photo, but COME ON!  How cute are those little baby feet?  I am so looking forward to getting to give them lots of kisses.  I love baby feet.  :)



Blogger April said...

Wow! I've never seen such detailed photos! And, she's feisty!!

5:02 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

LOL sure am glad she's still a girl :) I read so many of those same horror stories that I was actually convinced she'd be born a boy lol

2:19 PM  

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