Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Heart

How does it go?

Your heart... I carry it in my heart?

Only, I'm carrying it in mah belly, just like a few years back I carried this guy's:

Today my favorite heart-related item of note would have to be my OB appointment.  Normally, I go to these by myself and my husband stays home with the boy, but today they opted to join me since Bubba was clamoring for a "road trip."  Once I was taken back into the exam room, the nurse commented that since it was just a well check with no exam (if ya know what I mean ladies) that they were welcome to come back and join me.  Since my husband hasn't gotten to attend any of my appointments or ultrasounds, I thought it would be cool for him to get to hear Kelly's heartbeat for the first time.

So today as a family, my two loves got to hear the heartbeat of the third for the first time.  If that's not an awesome Valentine, I just don't know what is!

I knew she was measuring slightly ahead of schedule from the ultrasound.  When the LPN (my OB was out doing a procedure today) told me that my uterus should be up to my navel by now, I laughed and told her it was higher than that for sure.  I can see this child kick and bump a good two inches above that point, easily. Sure enough when she felt around and took measurements, I was measuring a week or so ahead.  She double checked with the ultrasound report and according to that, she's at about the 89th percentile.

Bubba was in the low 30th.

I had a scary dizzy spell that lasted almost 15 minutes on Sunday but after I described what happened she said that's actually quite normal.  She said there is so much additional fluid in my body now that it's easy for it to throw me off if I stand for too long.  I guess that means the tiredness in my body after any sort of activity isn't all in my head after all, which is nice to know.  She said if it happens here and there, it's not a big deal, but if it starts to happen on a regular basis to let her know.

I'm a little behind on my Project Life/12 of Twelve layouts this week.  I have the pictures stuck down for 12 of twelve and just need to add some journaling.  One side of the PL is done, the other has the pictures cropped but that's it.  I'm hoping to have it, along with a new printable, up tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes!

We laid pretty low today - my mother in law sent us a box of chocolates and we've been nibbling on those.  My husband made pizza for dinner and I had a Drumstick for dessert.  We're all fancy like that.  No fancy gifts or anything since we're budgeting for this baby.  Carseats and cribs ain't cheap, yo!  What matters is that I have my two guys (and the new kid, of course) here with me and we're happy.  What more does a girl really need?

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day!  :)

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Blogger Kat said...

That sounds like the most amazing vday gift!

5:52 AM  
Blogger niki said...

I got goosebumps reading this and can't stop smiling! What an awesome Valentine's Day :)

10:20 AM  
Blogger Muffy said...


10:35 AM  

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