Saturday, March 01, 2008

To all those folks who say

that it's cruel to carry little dogs in handbags and that if you do, you're treating them as an accessory...

Miss Gidget begs to differ!

I'm going to the rubber stamp show today with my friend, and I decided to take a bigger bag so that I could carry my purchases easier. This just happens to be the bag I carry Gidget in if I take her anywhere, as her little 3 inch long legs get tired quickly. There were some random odds and ends inside, so I had to clean it out first. As I walked around from room to room putting things away, I noticed that I had a shadow.

Gidget was following me, waiting for me to put the bag down so she could climb inside! I stopped in the kitchen to show my husband, and she started bouncing around on her hind legs getting all sorts of excited.

Now, I know I can't take her to the stamp show, especially since we have plans for a few other stops today, so I went ahead and stuck her in the bag and carried her around the house. You've never seen a happier dog. As I type this, she's still in the bag, on my lap, asleep.

So, to all the naysayers out there, NO it is not always cruel to carry a little dog in a purse. Some of them actually enjoy it!

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Anonymous sarah said...

Yep, totally agree. My chihuahua Zoe ... her happiness in life is to go out when I do. She has never minded her bag, and dives into it at 50 mph when she thinks it is time to go out. She loves the car rides, she loves her bag, she loves shopping. If she didn't, I would not take her. I think it is totally up to the dog to decide if it is something they enjoy or not, and they will certainly let you know! :)

Zoe's mom was 5 pounds. Her dad was 1. She is nearly 8! So my shoulder HURTS at this point ... but who could say no to her little face as she dances around the room? You're lucky to have such petite babies! :D

12:01 PM  
Blogger EatCrayons said...

Okay..but then is it cruel to put barrettes in their fur? ;)

That's actually super cute!

8:59 PM  
Blogger Tammy said...

Hey! She's a yorkie. That's hair, not fur! :)

She's adorable.

9:44 PM  

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