Sunday, February 24, 2008

I just can't go long without them!

So, one of my readers (with whom I go waaay back, Hi Lynne!) gave me a link to her daughter's blog. This girl, oh she loves cupcakes more than I do! And, since she's so nice, she posts her recipes too. Check it out - Bake and Destroy.

I made her recipe for French Toast cupcakes with Maple Buttercream. First off - can I say how happy I was not to end up with a giant crapload of cupcakes? With my usual vanilla cupcake recipe, I will end up with NINETY SIX mini cupcakes. That's insane! I decided to halve the recipe before I started, but really, I didn't have to. I got a very manageable 24 mini cupcakes from it, and 48 would have been okay too.

I make them tiny, because that way it's easier to convince my coworkers to eat them. Let's do the math, shall we?

One recipe of cake batter makes a one 8 or 9 inch two layer cake, which is considered 12 servings. (side note - who cuts their cake into slices that small? I'm thinking eight, but whatever. We'll stick with 12 to make the math easier)

That same recipe of cake batter, however, will make 24 cupcakes. That means that you can have TWO cupcakes for every serving of cake. Kick butt. But, it gets better!

That same recipe of cake batter made NINETY SIX mini cupcakes. That means you can eat EIGHT mini cupcakes for that same ONE serving of cake! Isn't that ridiculous? You can't argue with the math though. So, go ahead and have four or five mini ones and feel pious.

I went and signed up for the Wilton 1 class at Michaels. I really want to learn how to work with fondant, but in order to take that class you have to take this one as a prerequisite. It was only $15 for the four week class though, plus the kit (which I bought with a 40% off coupon) so I'm not complaining.

I also stopped and met with the instructor and she seems pretty cool. Young, pretty, pierced, haha! I'm really excited for this. I was thinking about getting a case for all my cake decorating/cupcake stuff. I counted my tips, and I have 47! I already can think of a few more that I want to get on top of that, so I may have to get a carrying case plus an extra case just for the tips. I don't even know what all of them are for. My brother gave them to me for Christmas one year.

This is how we're telling my in-laws about Bubba. I took the picture of the positive test, added a caption in Photoshop, and had them printed. It reads, "Dear Grandma, please replace this with a picture of me when I come out. Love, Baby Fehling. We found these adorable frames that are gender neutral, so I think they work well. I'll send them tomorrow, and we'll just wait for them to call us!
My husband was cleaning his closet and gathering items for Goodwill, when he came out with this gem:
Check out the year:

He claims to have no idea where it came from. He's really good at having random crap like this lying around. It's gonna make someone very happy to find it at Goodwill though, I'm sure!

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Blogger Lida said...

Your inlaws are going to love it, that is such a great idea!!!! Good luck with your class.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Susanne P. said...

you didn't say. were the cupcakes good?

11:29 AM  
Blogger em said...

that belt rocks!!!

and i love the photos...such a cute way to tell them :)

2:39 PM  

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