Friday, February 22, 2008

Retail therapy.

Last night was better. My husband came home, gave me a hug, and took me to Michaels to sign up for a Wilton class. I really want to learn how to work with fondant, but you have to take the Wilton 1 class as a prerequisite. I checked with the instructor to be sure she would be offering Fondant in April before signing up for the Wilton 1 in March. I'm finally going to learn how to make a rose!

After that, we went to the mall and J Crew has got my very favorite flip flops back in stock! I bought my last pair about five years ago, and literally wore out the bottoms! I had to stop wearing them because the rubber was so slick I would go sliding the second I stepped on a smooth (like marble) or wet surface. I was so excited!

These are the greatest flip flops ever! They're stacked, but just a little, so I look a smidge taller. They're super spongy, so it's like walking on pillows. The strap is elastic so they are soft and don't chafe between your toes. They give a big so they don't ever hurt like new flip flops (AHEM old navy!) sometimes do. Yeah, they were $20 which is a lot for a pair of flip flops, but seeing as how the last pair lasted that long, I don't feel bad at all paying it. You wear flip flops all year long here!
We also went into Barnes and Noble and looked at books for dads. My husband picked out this one, and I bought it for him:

He's a flipping comedian.

After all that, we stopped at the grocery store for some chicken noodle soup, because that's all I wanted for dinner. I tend to like the plain old Campbell's, add-a-can-of-water, nasty stuff. I'm gross, I know. With some plain saltines, this is good eating!

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Blogger Zee said...

Being that you will be all new to this I thought this link would be mighty helpful. In one of the comments you can link to the actual book, which I am sure will have more needed advice...*snicker, snicker*

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

we haven't talked in forever, but i read the entry before this one and you ahve me crying, too.
email me. seriously.

4:36 PM  

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