Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Got some new kicks.

Last night, all I wanted was a bacon & avocado sandwich (I had it on 7sprouted grains hippie bread, with mixed baby greens instead of yummy iceberg, so it was okay!) and a nap. I got the sandwich, skipped the nap. I did however, talk my husband into a trip to McDonalds for a chocolate cone. I love those things!

The McDonalds is in the same parking lot/shopping plaza as Nordstrom Rack. I'm always on the lookout for new shoes, as it's hard to find cute close toed shoes that I like. Well, last night I got lucky. Check out these sweet little numbers:

Okay, not the BEST picture, but you get the idea. They're Coach ballet flats (they say Jenilee on the inside), and while I generally think that logo shoes are kinda tacky, the fact that these are black on black, and therefore not as noticeable makes them tolerable. They've got nice rubber soles, which means that I am less likely to slip in the kitchen or on a wet floor in the lobby.

I love new shoes!

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Blogger Lida said...

Oh suffer of the same, lack of closed shoes apparently I live in the land of the sandal and the flip flop.
Your shoes are soo cute you look like a ballerina.

11:42 AM  
Blogger em said...

dude! sweet is right! love them!

5:53 PM  

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