Thursday, November 01, 2007

Holy Schnikies!

Is that how you spell that? SH-NIE-KEEZ? Anywho...

Halloween was fun. At work, we had a departmental costume contest, so we decided to dress as the contractors who do the remodeling around our hotel. The guys thought it was great, and even supplied us with their uniform tee shirts. Here we are doing our best impression of them working hard on the fountains:

Not everyone dressed up, but we had some really great costumes. Here's my boss:

Last night, we had a grand total of TWO trick-or-treat-ers, and they came together! How lame is that? Now there is a bowl full of candy hanging out at my house. I need to bring that to work and get rid of it, ugh.

I dressed up the kids. They actually got to wear their costumes last week at the Petsmart parade and party, so this isn't the first wearing, but I forgot to take pictures before. I posed them on the steps (such good kids) and snapped a few. Gidget is the bumblebee and Leila is a ladybug.

I can't believe it's NOVEMBER already. Yikes!

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Blogger Creole Wisdom said...

ahhh! What an adorable Halloween costume!And the puppies are to die for!

9:39 AM  

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