Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween (a few days early)

Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday, pretty much everyone celebrated it this weekend, except for the kids, right? I myself had a good time. I dressed up as a lion tamer. Check out my awesome eyelashes. They're so freaking long I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see with them on, but they were fine. They're even bigger than the ones I got in Hollywood!

I chose to carry a riding crop because I thought a whip might be too unwieldy. My husband dressed as George Washington. First, he was just going to be a random colonial period guy, then at the first party we went to everyone was calling him Ben Franklin, then at the second it was decided he was George Washington.

I got my corset at Frederick's of Hollywood, in Hollywood, and my skirt at Trashy Lingerie in West Hollywood. The hat is from a store called Forplay in Hollywood, and the cute heart shaped riding crop is from the Hustler store.

My friend dressed up as a cat. Her costume was actually a witch costume that she got at Forplay in Hollywood, but the hat was lame, so she found the cute ears and tail that coordinated at a store in the mall and we embellished it with some Ice Stickles. The wig was picked up in the Fashion District in downtown L. A.

Her boyfriend dressed up as a Hooters Girl. One of my friends posted a photo on her blog a few weeks ago of her son dressed as one. That was his costume a few years back, and I thought it was an awesome idea, so I passed it along to my friend, because her boyfriend was looking for ideas. He thought it would be pretty dang funny too. They didn't have the white tanks or shorts in his size, obviously, but I think they improvised quite well. I did his makeup, and they bought his wig that morning. He looked awesome.

We went to two different parties. The first was with his coworkers, where we met this guy:

And then one with our friends. We saw people we hadn't seen in a while, and in general, goofed off. I loooooove my costume, I think it's my favorite one ever. It wasn't the best thing to sit in the car with (can you say OW? Boning!) but overall, I thought it was super cute.

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