Sunday, October 28, 2007

i <3 food

Yes I do! Here are some lunches from last week. Pretty much the same old same old, nothing really new here. First up, some shumai, mini turkey meatballs, a piggy of shoyu, broccoli, half a hard boiled egg, potstickers, edamame, carrot sakuras, and an onigiri with another turkey meatball in the center. I put a few Koala cookies under the lid.

Next, rice, a hard boiled egg, some lil' smokie octo-dogs, a steamed pork bun, edamame, carrot sakuras, gyoza, and a piggie of shoyu.

Finally, edamame, rice, a carrot sakura, broccoli, shoyu piggy, gyoza, shumai, meatballs, half a hardboiled egg, and some carrot dividers.

My husband and I tried Carrabas last week for the first time. It was quite good! I really liked the fresh bread. I'm such a sucker for fresh baked bread! I took our picture while we were waiting to be seated.

Aww, cute, right?

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