Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all!

My front door is decorated in a rather festive style, if I do say so myself! I made the wreath last year, and I did the Elsie-Flannigan-Inspired (FINE, copied!!!) skeleton last night. She's so cute!

I got a harsh reminder that better weather does not necessarily bring smarter people this morning. I was at Jamba Juice (such drama at that place!) this morning, and as I was getting into my car, this woman in a HUGE suv pulled in to the right of me. I start up my car, look behind me so I can back out of my space, and I see that homegirl has her door open in such a way that if I were to back up, I'd take out her door. No problem, she's getting out of her car, I think to myself. I can wait an extra few seconds...

But no. She's just hanging out there in the parking lot, not noticing that my car is running, that I'm sitting there looking at her. I decide to help her out and tap my horn.


I tap it again. Still nothing.

I lean on that bad boy. She looks up at me, MAKES EYE CONTACT, then goes back to looking at whatever paper she had been looking at before. Are you freaking kidding me?

So I honk AGAIN, and now, she's just ignoring me purposefully. I'm pretty dang irritated at this point, so I roll down the passenger side window, lean over, and yell, HEY CAN YOU PLEASE CLOSE YOUR DOOR SO I CAN LEAVE?

She waves me around, like I can back around her door or something. Because, you know, I could have done that all along and I was just hanging out there with her in the parking lot for my health. So I yell at her again: PLEASE CLOSE YOUR DOOR!!!

Now get this - a kid comes out from behind the open door (I couldn't see him because this was really a huge SUV) and he gets into the back seat, and they close all the doors. I finally am able to back out, albeit not without having to do it from under her hateful glare. Now I ask you, what if I was as stupid as she was, and I had attempted to back out, and I had hit that door? I would never have seen the kid, and he would have had no where to escape to in a hurry, as he practically needed a boost to get up in that vehicle. I really don't get people sometimes.

Here is yesterday's bento. I didn't make one today, as I have plans to go out to lunch with a coworker.

Top tier: shumai, meatballs, broccoli, carrot stars and a hardboiled egg. I was goign to give the egg a face, but I was running late and so it's nekkid. Ah well.

Bottom tier: LOTS of edamame, steamed rice, and a carrot star.

I was trying to clean off my camera memory card in preparation of my trip this weekend, and I found two old bento pictures. What a waste to not post them, right? So here they are!

Edamame, carrot hearts, steamed pork bun, steamed rice with furikake, shoyu pig, shumai, more edamame and carrot hearts, tamago, carrot dividers, and broccoli. I found these little cakes at the local Asian market that were like Moon Pies, but smaller and in a Hello Kitty wrapper, like I could resist that! I have no clue what is in the small dish though, sorry.

In the second one I have some sliced plums under press and seal wrap, steamed rice, a turkey burger cut into wedges, carrot sakuras, shumai, broccoli, tamago, and edamame. Dang this one looks good. It's making me hungry just looking at it!

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