Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another 2007 Goal...

Remember to do the 12 of 12!!!

1. My messy kitchen counter. I had Eggo waffles for breakfast, which is why the toaster is out. Since I am not making any cakes or cupcakes these days (*sniff*) I am keeping my vitamins in the cake dome. My husband apparently forgot where the blender jar went after he washed it.

2. My weight goal chart. Every pound that gets lost gets covered up by a sticker. I got to put one on this morning! As you can see, I still have a loooong way to go.

3. Mail! A magazine, a catalog, sorority asking me for money, and Bath and Body Works coupons.

4. Checking my Bloglines. ( Hi Em!)

5. Watched some Tivo with Leila on my lap. We watched I Love New York. Trashy, I know, but what can I say? The dog LOVES that crap.

6. Water. I drink so much water! I go through a 2.5 gallon bottle every 3 days or so, and that's JUST ME drinking it!

7. I purged my scrap paper basket. It was so freaking full I couldn't get anymore in. I'll be donating this to Camp Erin, among other things.

8. Tracking my eating on Fit Day.

9. My cell phone. The peas were doing a thing so you could hear everyone's voice, and I did it too. Then I set it up so people could leave ME voice comments on my Myspace page.

10. Leila keeping me company while I was on the computer. We have the little dog bed next to the computer table so they can be close to us.

11. My vitamins. I hate vitamins. Oh, the little one is my crazy pill.

12. I bought this Suisse Mocha that was sugar free, and I tried it tonight for the first time. Real Starbucks is better! This only has 30 calories per serving though. It took two to fill my mug.

There you have it. My 12 of 12 for January.

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