Sunday, January 07, 2007


Every Saturday morning, at 11:00 am, our gym holds a one hour Cardio Boot Camp. You show up, it's free, and they run your ass for an hour. My friend and I decided to go try it out.

I only lasted 30 minutes.

I worked through the aches. I worked through the pain. I even worked through the dizziness. But when I got to the point where I really and truly thought I was gonna puke, I decided that was enough.

I'm so freaking out of shape!

Today, I hurt. My calves feel like they are 2 seconds away from a charley horse. My hips are sore. My back aches. Isn't exercising supposed to make you feel GOOD???

So, so far, trying to have a healthy lifestyle has left me in pain, nauseous, and hungry. Right. Fat and happy is starting to look REALLY good right about now. BLAH.



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