Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Booger

So, my husband goes to walk the dogs, right? He gets the little one, but Leila is nowhere to be found. He stands at the front door calling her, but she won't come.

I go into the bedroom, and sure enough, there she is lying on the bed, head on my pillow. I ask her, Leila, you wanna go outside? She perks up her ears, so I walk out of the room, assuming that she will follow.

She doesn't.

So I go in and ask her again, and again, she seems interested, just not interested enough to get out of bed.

I call her from the front door. Nothing doing.

So, in a moment of inspiration, I say, "Hey Dog, you want a booger?"

Damned if she didn't come running, I kid you not!

My dog. (insert eyeroll here)



Blogger EquineSpirit said...

ROFL! Cute story! Gotta love dogs!

5:56 AM  

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