Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've been thinking that my dogs need a blog. A Dog Weblog - The Yorkie Dlog! The thing is, they don't get out much. Maybe this will encourage me to take them out to more places? They need some fun stories to tell, not just, "Today I sat in the window and barked at the big dog across the courtyard. So what if his poops are bigger than I am? I'm a damn FEROCIOUS Yorkie!!! Y'all betta RECOGNIZE!!!" Right. Seven pound dog in a pink dress. Gotcha.

Oooh, and I think that there should be pictures, lots and lots of pictures. After all, who doesn't want to look at my extremely cute dogs? Even if they think they don't, it's just because they haven't yet. They're REALLY cute dogs.

I wonder how many other dogs out there have a blog. I should do a search! Or maybe I should go to bed. This insomnia is making me delirious.


Anonymous Robin said...

You can always go to and it will find blogs on dogs for you. It's a great tool. HTH!

5:00 AM  

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