Sunday, March 12, 2006

Quick update...


It only took 143 days for it to rain again, but it's poured since yesterday morning! I love it! You hear some ruckus coming from Chandler, it's ME doing the HAPPY DANCE! The kids aren't too excited about it. They look cute in their little raincoats, but Gidget does not like her feet being wet. She will take a step or two, then lift up a paw like, EW, what is all this mess? LOL!

In other news, my scrapbook store used the blog header I designed with a picture of Miss Gidget on their blog. Check it out, she's TOO CUTE! I did it in elements, which is a program I am not 100% familiar with, so I see a definite line of deliniation, which I did not see on the computer I created it on. Bummer. But the dog is cute, so who cares, right? :)


Blogger melissa said...

I'm lovin the rain too. I checked out the LSS link and its Annalis! didnt know you worked there ;) your doggy looks super cute on the banner

9:53 AM  

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