Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ali Edwards says I am A Life Artist. I'm not so sure.

Miley Johnson has this wall hanging in her scraproom that really hits closer to home for me. Here is what it says:


I’m not sure I can create “Art” with a capital “A”. I mean, how do I know if it is good enough to call “Art”? Is it merely art because I made it to represent what was bubbling inside me and trying to get out, or does it need to meet some standard of quality, or demonstrate some proficiency of technique that I may or may not possess? Who decides if it is “Art”? What qualifies them to do so? Is it “Art” if someone else likes it? It is easy for me to look at someone else’s work and call it “Art”. I wonder why it is so hard for me to look at my own work that way? If I try to make it “Art”, does that make me an “Artist”? Does it change things if someone is willing to pay me for it? I can’t quite see myself filling in “Artist” when asked for my occupation. Come on, how much money do I have to make to be an “Artist”? What about this whole debate about “Art” vs. “Craft”? How can there be so much criticism in art when it is supposed to be about creation and expression and freedom and all that is good? What happens if I try to make “Art” but I don’t? What do I do with this stuff? There’s only so much of it that I can give away. What if people laugh at what I do or just smile politely? I worry that I can’t make “Art” with a capital “A”
So I will just have to spell it my own way.


I liked it so much that I made myself a little wall hanging with a condensed version.

It's on metal, so it's magnetic. The letters are Lil Davis chipboard letters that I sanded, covered with patterned paper, and then coated in UTEE. I did lots of inking with three colors of Distress Ink on the background papers. The font is 2peas Chicken Shack. I used some Making Memories photo corners and flower brads, and a couple of Prima flowers.

I like it!


Blogger Sexy Bitch said...

so stinkin cute! Love the letters!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

This is beautiful! Love to see you creating!

10:56 PM  

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