Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Making Shopping Memories

As Promised!

Here are the two pics I took at the Making Memories Warehouse sale. Talk about a Zoo! The sale for the general public was last week, but we went the week before, on Friends and Family day. It was open to wholesalers too, which is how we were able to get in. Honestly, if this:

was the small group, I'd hate to go when it is a general public day! Scary!

When they say "warehouse", they aren't kidding. It was this huge cinderblock structure, with exposed beams and flourescent lights. There were these really cool big crates stacked up to the ceiling,

so I had to take a pic. I only spent $65 there, but I got a huge bag of stuff. I'm so glad my boss asked me to go, I had a great time!

Here's just another pretty pic of some mountains I took from the road:

Ooh, and this one of Bally's Paris in Las Vegas from the ride home, I just love this one!


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