Tuesday, November 22, 2005

That crazy neighbor lady!

Last night, the people downstairs were fighting again. This in itself is not an unusual occurence, but they were really screaming and slamming stuff around, so it was MY turn to call the police on THEM!

Well, when the police came to visit me, they were her for all of what, 5 or 10 minutes?

The police were downstairs last night for almost an hour and a half, I kid you not!

This woman is WHACKED, I tell you. Even with all the windows and doors closed you could hear her howling at the officers. She I peeked out the window and I could see the officer backing up from her. He was like, you need to take a step back! She took a step toward him and said, what, are you afraid of me? He said no, but you can't be coming up on me like that. She says what are you gonna do about it???

Seriously. I can't make this crap up.

So then a little later you can hear her screaming and crying that she hasn't done anything wrong, she knows her rights, and that the officer needed to leave before she called the "real cops" on him. She was asking him, "why won't you leave? Do you want sex? is that what you want? You're not getting it here!" I about DIED when I heard that!

The people in the building across from me were out on their patio while this was going on. She kept talking about sex for some reason, and the officer was telling her to keep it down. She says no, I like sex, I think about sex all day long, everyone does, YOU PEOPLE UP THERE TOO, you know you think about sex all day! They got up and went inside, ha ha!

The officer had been alone, but he ended up calling more out I guess, because then there were about 4 or 5 of them out there, and she still would not calm down and be quiet. It was insane!

I can't believe that we've lived here since May and all this has only started happening in the last week. I hope she doesn't keep it up, it's getting slightly ridiculous!


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