Saturday, November 19, 2005

And the crap keeps coming!

Last night, the police knocked on my front door while my husband was taking the dogs out for a walk. I answered the door, and they told me that they had gotten a call that we were fighting and so they were there to check it out.

Last night, I was upset and didn't want to eat. My husband and I sat on the couch and watched two episodes in a row of What Not To Wear. The volume was so low that while I was eating potato chips, I couldn't hear Stacy or Clinton talking over my crunching.

I told the officer, um, sorry, no fighting here! Just watching TV. He asked if we were watching something where people were fighting. I told him it was What Not To Wear, and he laughed. He asked if we had the tv up loud. I told him no louder than it was at that moment. He said that the woman who called said that this was a constant problem. I said, maybe she was referring to our downstairs neighbors? They fight a lot, in fact, we called the police because of their fighting about a month ago. He radioed in to verify the apartment number, and he said no, it was definitely our apartment. Interesting.

So he asks if I am home alone. I told him my husband was walking the dogs. He asked if he could come in and look around. I told him sure, so they came in and looked around and shone flashlights in the dark rooms. One asked me for my info, and while I gave it to him the other admired our wedding photos. They apologized for wasting my time and I was like, no problem!

As they were leaving, my husband was returning. He was like, what's going on? I told him that apparently we were fighting and it was a constant problem. He was like, really? And the officers laughed. They also played with the dogs for a bit while chatting with my husband. We ended up making jokes the rest of the night about, don't MAKE me start a fight with you!!!

Well, tonight, they came back again!!!

I said hi. The officer was like hi, we got a call. I said yeah, this happened last night too. He said he knew, that the woman who called was pissed because she said that she called about us fighting last night and the police didn't do anything about it. I told him everything that happened last night, and how we thought it was a mistake because our downstairs neighbors are the ones who fight all the time. Also, our apartments are split up into two addresses, and there is an apartment with our number on the other side, maybe it was a mixup? He radioed in to confirm that, and said he would go over there to check it out. He also stated that he thought it may have been our downstairs neighbor who called, so he would go talk to her too. He asked what we were doing, and we pointed to our dinner plates on the coffee table (yeah we are bad and eat in front of the TV) and said just eating and watching TV. He said okay, took our info and left.

Well, he came back about 5 minutes later. He was said that it was our downstairs neighbor who had called, and that the woman was "fucking whacked!" I had to laugh. He told me that he got down there and she was like, don't you hear them? You need to get up there, they're killing each other! He said he told her that no, he didn't hear us, and as a matter of fact we were watching tv and having dinner. She insisted that he could hear us fighting up here, and she was freaking out. He said it was like she was tweaking or something. She stated that she was going to school to become a police officer, and she knew that he had to do something about us. He asked her if he could come inside, and she said no way, she knew her rights and she slammed the door shut.

He said that he was sorry, but that when they got calls about domestic disputes they had to come out, so not to be mad at the officers. We told him that we totally understood, no problem.

Why is it that I inspire such hatred in people? I swear, it's not even like the first time in my life that stuff like this has happened to me. I don't even KNOW the downstairs neighbor! Why would she want to get us in trouble with the police?

I must have done something really messed up in a past life, that's all I can think of!


Blogger The Knotty Girl said...

What a crazy lady!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Oh wow. Crazy lady! It seems like everything is coming down on you lately. When it rains it pours. It will get better soon. Chin up chicka.

10:51 PM  

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