Monday, November 21, 2005

Random Randomness

I'm cold. I refuse to put on anything warm (I'm in a tee shirt and underwear) because I am FINALLY glad to be cold. I haven't been cold in ages. All last winter, I never even wore anything heavier than a cardigan! I had major hot flashes because my meds were new to me and so my uniform was old navy tee shirts and dress pants. Add to that our evil summers, so yeah, it's been a while. I can barely type my hands are so cold.

I'm still very upset about the whole situation with The Woman and The Email and my friend being mad at me. I read her blog and a boy asked her out, and I can't be there to share that happy moment with her. She has my electric screwdriver too. I keep thinking about things I want to tell her and seeing things that remind me of her, and it's pretty rough. It's my own stupid stupid fault though.

I am on the schedule at Annalis to teach an intro to scrapbooking class in Spanish called Pedacitos. The name means "little pieces" or, if you like, "scraps". Get it? My Spanish is soooo bad though. I know one person who speaks it, I see him maybe once a month for like an hour or so, and it's his THIRD language. Really, I haven't used it at all, and it gets bad when not in use.

Also, I have a hard time with it because, not that I want to brag or anything, but my grammar skills and vocabulary are actually quite good, way above average. Not that I demonstrate that here or on a day to day basis, ha ha! But my Spanish vocabulary... ugh, it's rough! I speak Spanish the way little kids in the ghetto speak English. I mix up my masculine and feminine and forget how to properly conjugate verbs. But, I can say, I am fluent at least. I just need practice with conversation.

My solution to this is to write myself a script before the class. Brilliant! But do you know just how hard it is to translate "acid free" and "lignin", amongst other things? So I spent a couple hours typing up what I wanted to cover, and now I am painstakingly translating it with the help of an online dictionary. I hope I don't end up making a big ass of myself if people do end up signing up for the class!

I also am on the schedule to teach a monthly planner class. It's called My Time of the Month! Isn't that funny? It was the owner's idea for the name. I taught a planner class last year, but this one will be way different, kind of a combination scrapbook/calendar planner. I've started work on my sample, and I really like it so far!

The crazy lady downstairs didn't call the police on us tonight, I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed in a way. Three nights in a row would have made it funnier somehow. Maybe she didn't call them because she was in a mood and was too busy yelling at her boyfriend and their dogs. You could hear the shrew up here!

Hmm, on a possibly related but probably not related note, the last week, our apartment has started to smell like marijuana at night. It's pretty nasty, I can't stand the smell of it personally. It's mainly in the dining room and in my scrapbook room/bathroom, so we figured it was the crazies downstairs that were sparking it up. Tonight (okay, last night!) it was particularly strong though, so I took the dog out for a walk past their patio. Funny thing was, you couldn't smell a thing down there, so I wonder if it was them after all. Anyway, I hope it stops! Ick!

So the sun will be up soon, and I am not even the tiniest bit sleepy. Just cold. I am eating erratically, sleeping a lot, falling behind on commitments, and I just fear that depression thing is back but I'm not getting all of the effects yet. When I was diagnosed with it the first time, I was shocked, because I never would have thought that was my problem. I know the signs now and the patterns, and it sucks because I see them happening and sometimes there isnt' a darn thing that I can do about it. Recent events haven't helped much, I am sorry to say. I'm still okay day to day, no crying jags or anything, but really, there arent' very many stressors at home. My husband is being extra nice to me because he knows, and the kids, well, they're always sweet!

Maybe I'll go to bed now and TRY to sleep!


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