Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Garbage Pail Kids

We got a package in the mail today from my father in law. He moved recently, and downsized from a large house to an apartment, so he had to do a little clean sweeping. He sent us a bunch of stuff from my husband's childhood bedroom. Fun stuff like his high school diploma, his birth certificate, collector's sets of the Die Hard Trilogy and the Star Wars Trilogy on VHS, and a little baggie containing a 4 inch stack of Garbage Pail Kids cards.

I know you remember the Garbage Pail Kids. These came out in the late 80's and were packaged like baseball cards, with a stick of nasty, hard chewing gum. No one wanted the gum out of these. They wanted the cards.

The cards were a spoof of the ever popular Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. They had pictures of kids drawn in the style of the Cabbage Patch, but with something funny or gross wrong with them. They were stickers, but people rarely peeled them from the backing, prefering instead to keep them as cards. Of course, parents hated these things. They ranged from the tame:

To the really gross:

Most, if not all, had an alias:

And then there were the bonus features on the back. They started out that if you collected a whole set, you could flip them over to make a puzzle. Then you would have a GIANT Garbage Pail Kid card. But then, I guess they decided to get creative. They started adding comics, Bazooka Joe - style, complete with a fortune and something you could send away for:

Then there were the WANTED posters. Honestly, I didn't remember these at all. I was looking through the stack, and I came across this one. It cracked me up, because my husband, in his strained, pre-pubescent handwriting, actually took the time to scrawl some other kid's name on it:

Obviously, I smudged out his last name. I wonder if he is still a cheapskate? Ha ha!

What a fun blast from the past!


Blogger Melissa said...

Oh how funny! I do remember these. I didn't have any myself because I thought they were disguisting.
What a blast from the past

5:15 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

OMG, I would buys tons of GPK and my mom would throw them away if she found them :P How funny! My husband has tons of them in a box at his parents - I must remember the bring them home next time we go visit.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Zee said...

LOL...yup, oh how fun to travel down memory lane. I didn't collect these but my brothers did, must have been a boy thing. I did however have my own garbage pail kid name. Two of my friends drew a picture of me upside down in a cup and called me Dunkin' Danea. It was doodled on a note and passed to me in science class...LOL. I wouldn't be surprised if I still had it but the trunk it would be in is tucked waaaaay up in the garage. Other wise I would go see and scan it for ya....LOL.

8:43 PM  

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