Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My, My, My!

I think I have a celebrity crush... *giggle*.

I listen to Rob Thomas singing how he doesn't wanna be lonely no more, and I feel funny, and I find myself thinking, oh honey, you don't HAVE to be!

Can I say the man is hot? huh? Can I? I mean, LOOK!

Now, if I met him on the street and he wasn't a musician or famous and kind of just a regular guy, would I think that? I dunno.

But I listen to his voice and I give a big sigh and I FEEL his music in me, if that makes sense, when I listen to him sing. He sings like he means it.

Did I mention that he's funny? I see him on tv, and in concert, and he never fails to give a quip or two that cracks me up.

Like last Saturday, we went to the state fair because I HAD to see my Rob. I had to. Sure, the concerts have free general admission with fair admission, but caould I take a chance that I would have to stand in line for hours only to have a crappy seat? Nope! We coughed up the $50 for the reserved seats. Worth...every...penny!

Unfortunately, some dumb bunny remembered her camera, but forgot her memory card in the computer at home. Thank GOD for cell phones, because at least I got one bad, grainy shot of my man:


He was talking about "being the bigger person" and "taking the high road" at one point. Anyone who is a regular reader knows that these themes have surfaced in my thinking lately a bit, so I really paid attention. (Not that I wasn't paying attention. He could read the times tables and I'd applaud.)

He said that in life, we want to be the bigger person, to rise above all the pettiness in the world, and we are encouraged by others to do so also. The thing is, sometimes it feels DAMN GOOD to be petty and small!

Preach it, brother!

He told us about how he went to his hometown for a concert once, and he didn't let any of the kids who were mean to him in high school come in, ha ha ha on THEM! I don't know how truthful that is. or how possible it is, but man, I felt him on that!

It was an awesome concert. He did some songs from his solo album, some Matchbox Twenty songs, some covers, and some other stuff he said he worked on but never put out. We were sitting so close I could have thrown my panties and they would have landed on his head. Not that I would have, but I liked having that option, you know.

Some more fair pics:

Yes, it's real. VERY cool albino boa constrictor. Look, I'm just like Britney Spears!!! HA!!!

Baby Camel. Very cute, but very grumpy. Maybe he needs to snuggle with Zee's husband? His face was at eye-level with my face, he was that small.

Baby giraffe: Oh, you should have SEEN the eyelashes on this thing! It was adorable!

I'm a VERY mean wife. This thing was only about 4 feet high, and clearly intended for children, but I had my husband get behind it anyway.

Backstory on this one: October 24th was our 2nd wedding anniversary. This means that when our anniversary rolls around, the State Fair is in town.

A few days after our wedding, while my father in law and sister in law were still in town, we all trooped down to the fair for some quality fried foods and roasted corn. My husband and I took pictures in a photo booth, showing off our rings, because I am a big dork and I thought it would be fun.

I decided that night that we should do it every year.

So now, this is the third year that we have a photo booth picture strip of ourselves. Hopefully, at our 50th anniversary shindig where I will be able to fit into my wedding gown again (HA!) I will have 50 of these to display. Cool huh?

So there is our State Fair experience in a nutshell!


Blogger Melissa said...

Oh how fun! That is so cool that you got to see Rob Thomas. I love the photo booth shots, they are awesome

5:18 PM  
Anonymous sandy said...

Ohhhhh, celebrity crushes can be so much fun! LOL!

8:20 PM  

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