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Project Life Update - Week of 2/12 to 2/18

Guess who fell behind?

I suppose it's not a shocker.  I still have yet to finish my December Daily, and it's practically March.  I've been such a terrible slacker lately.  My insomnia is back full force and even though I have a cabinet full of lovely meds for that sort of problem, I can't take them.  I mean, if I won't eat ham, I sure as heck am not taking Ambien!

So yeah, I got a little behind.  The worst part is that I had the photos printed and trimmed and laid out on the page for over a week.  All they needed was to be stuck in place and to have the journaling added, but could I do that?  Noooo.  Of course not.  As you may have guessed, this is pretty much what led to my mini blogging hiatus.  It was always, OH, those pages are almost done!  I'll just finish them real quick and then post them on my blog.  Only, they never got done.

Until tonight.  YEAH!  Now I'm only a week behind!

Left side - I got the idea for the button butterfly from someone's blog, but of course I don't remember which one.  I hate when that happens.  I have a few selections from my photo of the day on there.  I use a font called Punch  Label to make the captions on those.  The Love From The Bottom Of Your Heard card was a free printable I found on Pinterest.  I just cut a heart from some glitter fun foam and stuck it over the printed one for a little added flair.

My mini synopsis for the week.  There were a few things of which I did not get a photo but I wanted to get on there, such as the bit about Bubba dressing himself all by himself for the first time.  The card is one from my last set I offered for fans to download on my Facebook page.

I came across the Arizona charm in my bin of charms a couple of weeks ago and knew it would be perfect for Statehood Day!  I've probably had that thing in my stash of stuff since before I got married.  That would mean it's been waiting to be used for almost nine years!  I cut the loop off the top with some wire cutters and then just filed the sharp edge down with a coarse emery board.

Right side - I used quite a few Martha Stewart Avery labels here.  I love how easily they feed into the typewriter.  I also busted out some mini alphabet stamps.  The journaling card for the Lego wheels and the one with the triptych of Bubba enjoying his Chinese dinner are also from the same Miss Tina set to which I linked before.

I love that little sticker at the bottom.  I found these old 7Gypsies sticker sheets in my Paper Sticker Binder. They sold them for less than a dollar on a roll of tear off sheets and they had all these silly little sayings.  This one says "Don't Try This At Home" which was PERFECT for the photo.  I swear, when we go to our friend's house, he will try all sorts of new stuff, and eat lots of it.  Then I get all excited thinking I found him a new food and run out to buy some, only to have him refuse it at home.  For instance, there he ate string cheese (three pieces!!!) but at home he refused it every time I offered.  Also, this past time she gave him fruit cocktail and he ate it.  She gave him some before, and after he ate it I bought the exact same find but he refused it at home.

This is why I don't buy into him having that super taster business going on.  If he doesn't like it, he should not like it ANYWHERE.  Think Green Eggs and Ham.  :)

Oh, and look!  I do have a download for this week, since I didn't post this page last week.

 I used two of these cards on this week's layout.  Same as all the others; they're free for your own personal use, but please do not try to sell or redistribute them in any way.  All you have to do is "Like" my Facebook page for this blog.  I had a few more people complain about the Facebook Connect thing that comes up the first time you try to access these from Facebook. If you try to access the file hosting service I use through Facebook, it may give you that little pop up asking you to grant it "permissions." That's Facebook Connect.

Generally, when you click the link it takes you directly to the download page, and all you have to do is click the DOWNLOAD button on the right side of the screen. However, I don't know if you have to have a Scribd account in order to access it since I already had an account to upload. I can tell you that my FB account is linked to my Scribd account (meaning I have granted it those "permissions") and has been for over a year and I've never had any problems or spam. I've done the same thing with my Pinterest too actually since I hate trying to remember passwords and it's just easier for me that way.

I do understand that some people are more wary though and still refuse to click that. If you really really really still don't want to do that, you could try copying the URL and going directly to Scribd without clicking the link. Paste the URL in there or in a new window and see if that works. Hope that helps if you're having issues with it.

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Blogger lkaye said...

Your pages are great! Love all the little extras.
Thanks for the freebies!

6:16 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Lucy said...

Love this freebie, thank you.

9:09 PM  

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