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February Photo of the Day Challenge

If you remember, I posted at the beginning of the month that I was going to attempt to do this challenge.  Well, here we are at the end of the month and I'm happy to report that even though I fell behind a couple of times, and even though I am missing one photo altogether, for the most part, I did it!  YAY!

This is the list of what you were supposed to photograph each day.  I went the Instagram route.  No, not because I think Instagram makes my crappy iPhone photos look more "artsy" as I read on Twitter, but because I think they're fun.

Day 1 - Your view today.  What feet?  I bet you I was barefoot too.

Day 2 - Words.  This was on the tailgate of a pickup truck in the parking lot at my husband's office building. You think they'd let me join?

Day 3 - Hands.  (this photo is supposed to be rotated so the arms are on the right,  grr) Every Friday night I meet with my knitting club at our local Paradise Bakery.  If we stay past close (which actually is quite often) they will give us cookies sometimes for free.  This week I scored a big box and Bubba was ECSTATIC.  He especially likes the ones with the mini M&Ms on top.  Of course.

Day 4 - A stranger.  This one was hard for me.  I snapped this around a corner.  I wanted to tell this girl that low rise pants are NOT your friend, especially if you're going to be wearing a short top and crouching down.  There was a whole lotta crack going on that I had that wall block!

Day 5 - 10 am.  When you live in a family of night owls, this is what 10 am looks like.  Since this day fell on a weekend, my husband was in there too.  It is pure coincidence that I managed to be up at this time for this photo.  I can thank the wee fetus who is wreaking havoc on my bladder.

Day 6 - Dinner.  I had a heavy lunch and wasn't terribly hungry.  Sometimes a Chocolate Moo'd just sounds so good!

Day 7 - Button.  Yup, my belly button is pierced.  I did it when I was 22 and it was cool to do such things.  Now the only reason I leave it in is because otherwise I'd have a gaping hole and scar, which is less pretty than this.  Last time I was pregnant I bought one of those special Pregnancy Piercings and ended up having a nasty allergic reaction to it.  I went back to my gold jewelry and didn't take it out until I went into the hospital to be induced.  The navel never "popped."

Day 8 - Sun.  The sun on my son.  This photo was INCREDIBLY hard to catch.  I love how he looks super pensive, but just out of view are his fingers.  He was strumming them on his lips to make that FLUB FLUB FLUB noise.

Day 9 - Front Door.  This was about as much decorating for Valentine's day as I managed to do this year.

Day 10 - Self Portrait.  20 weeks!

Day 11 - Makes you happy.  An impromptu picnic with my boys on the front lawn.  Bubba's been really into the pizza bagels.  I don't know if it's because I pretty much let him make them himself, but he'll usually eat about three.

Day 12 - my closet.  I love my tidy wooden hangers!

Day 13 - Blue.  I went on a blueberry kick this week.  I think I ate like four of those big pint containers by myself!

Day 14 - Heart.  This was in the box that my mother in law sent Bubba and it made me smile.

Day 15 - My phone.  If I can't find it, this is usually where it will be.  Bubba will argue with me - "It's MY iPhone!"

Day 16 - Something new.  A fresh manicure.  I called this my "Little Mermaid on Crack" look.  SO SPARKLY!

Day 17 - Time.  Who told this kid he could get so big?

Day 18 - Drink.  This stuff is so good, and it's made with real fruit and real sugar.  No funky fake crap.

Day 19 - Something you hate to do.  Which is why awesome husband is doing it!  Actually, I've been temporarily relieved of toilet duty.  Thanks again, wee fetus!

Day 20 - Handwriting.  My messy scrawl on a Project Life card.

Day 21 - A favorite photo of you.  This was a self portrait I did before I got pregnant with Bubba.  I like the lighting and sorta miss my highlights.  I do not miss that nasty apartment carpet though!

Day 22 - Where you work.  There's that layout just sitting on my desk!

Day 23 - Your shoes.  I haven't worn any of these, except the black flats, since I got pregnant... some even longer.  Terrible.

Day 24 - Inside your bathroom cabinet.  It's pretty sparse in there, huh?

Day 25 - Green.  I found these directions online for how to build a clothesline and I got all excited since I really wanted one.  Well, it did NOT cost $13.25, it cost more like $60 and took nine freaking months and several arguments to get built and put up.  Obviously we are not great DIYers.  NEVER AGAIN.

Bonus green - the compost heap (hooray for showing the internet my garbage!) and a lot of weeds.

Day 26 - Night.  In an effort to help the boy sleep we started playing mellow music in his room at night.  I bought this CD when I was pregnant with him.  I don't usually like these sorts of adaptations (not a fan of the Rockabye Baby stuff either even though I think the idea behind them is kinda cool) but this one is really nice.  I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes The Beatles and is looking for something nice and soothing to play as a lullaby.

Day 27 - Something you ate.  A few weeks back I started to realize my calves were REALLY tight.  They were sore and almost felt like the entire things were bruised, especially the one on the right.  When I was pregnant with Bubba I got charley horses a lot.  I'd wake up to these excruciating cramps in my calves.  If I was lucky, I'd wake up in time to flex my foot and stop them.

A few times, however, I'd sleep just a teensy bit too long and wouldn't wake up in time to be able to control them.  I'd wake up literally screaming because they hurt so bad and would fall out of bed in my attempts to get my stupid foot to flex.  My husband would have to come in and push my foot for me and rub my leg until the cramp went away.  It was awful.

I did find that if I had a Carnation Instant Breakfast with a banana blended in that helped.  When I realized that the tightness was possibly the warning that charley horses were on their way back in, I started my "banana shakes" again every night before bed.  So far, so good!

Day 28 - Money.  Whoops!  I forgot.  Also, there is no cash in this house, unless you count the jar of change.

Day 29 - Something you're listening to.  Um... first off, I posted this under "something I hear" because DANGLING PREPOSITION!  Since I was working on my Project Life, I had the old Royal out so what I heard was CLACKITY CLACKITY CLACK!  It's very loud, despite being called the "quiet de luxe" model.

This was fun!  I think I may even try the March prompts  too.  :)



Blogger Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

haha. Dangling preposition. How unfortunate is it for me that i still have every one of those prepositions memorized from 7th grade English class?

Cute pics.


9:38 AM  
Blogger House of Smiths said...

Oh my gosh, that photo of the girl bending down is HILARIOUS! What a funny photo! hee hee.
ALL your pictures are so fun and really tell a story. I love that :)
Thank you for sharing your month at our link up party!

9:43 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the House of Smith's. Your blog is so cute - I love the banner header AND the title! Your Feb pictures are great and the stories with each one are fun to read - love your writing style.

9:49 AM  

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