Friday, January 27, 2012

That Mythical 2nd Trimester Energy

I know you've all heard about it, and maybe even experienced it - that burst of energy you're supposed to get when you enter your second trimester of pregnancy, after you've been exhausted for the first three months.  I'll be nineteen weeks on Sunday so I'm well out of the first trimester, yet I've still been dragging.  I just keep telling myself, ANY DAY NOW!  Any day now I'm not going to feel like a poop sammich!  Any day now I'm going to want to get off the couch and DO something.  Any day now I'll be able to leave the house without needing to stop and sit every so often.


Seriously, if you want some idea of how much energy your body uses to grow a baby and its little baby house in your belly, think about this:  For the past four months, I've been almost completely sedentary.  Some days, walking across the living room into the kitchen for a drink of water just seemed like entirely too much work.  I find myself starting to think about nap time about an hour and a half after I get out of bed.  My child has been watching entirely too much television and YouTube (ooh, but he's learned a LOT of letter sounds!).  It's horrible.

Now let's consider my diet.  I've been living on takeout almost exclusively, with the exception of the past two weeks.  I've had some serious food aversion issues.  Everything sounded absolutely disgusting.  Also, I didn't get the feeling of being hungry or full like normal.  So what would happen is that I'd be grossed out all day by the idea of food, but then one thing would start to sound okay.  The more I thought about that thing, the better it sounded.  That's how I'd know when I was getting hungry.

If I tried to eat anything besides that one food, it would taste weird, like a chemical, almost soapy taste.  It was bizarre and frustrating.  When I did eat, I wouldn't ever get to feeling full.  What would happen is that whatever I was eating would totally start to gross me out again, so I'd have to stop.

What this meant was that we pretty much stopped going grocery shopping.  We'd get staples like milk and cereal here and there, but for the most part, if I bought something that sounded okay it would sit in the fridge forever because it wouldn't sound okay the next day and would go to waste.  This also meant eating out almost every day.  This is bad on so many levels!

So I went from living on 1200 calories a day and exercising regularly to all  of a sudden being a slug and eating take out for four months, and do you know what?  I've only gained three pounds since Halloween.  Crazy huh?  This baby is taking everything and putting it to work!  I wish my metabolism was ALWAYS this good!

Of course, the tiredness and the food aversions had to wind down eventually.  In the past two weeks I've been able to eat more normally, thank goodness.  Yesterday I even managed to have a pretty productive day.  I did more yesterday than I think I've done in the past two months combined!

I finished another bib for the baby.  I'm totally into monograms for this little girl.  I did a Google image search for "K monogram" and found this one.  I used my Glad Press and Seal method to get it on the bib.

I started to tackle the second bougainvillea on the side of our house.  These things are seriously overgrown weeds, I tell ya.  I should take a picture of some of the massive thorns this thing has.  Some are about an inch long!  It's awful and I hate it.

I watched the boy ride his bike for a while.  He's gotten pretty good with it.  He can coast almost the whole length of the driveway now, as well as when he turns onto the sidewalk from the driveway.  I tried to teach him to put his feet back on the footrest, but he hasn't quite gotten that part yet.

(please pardon messy garage kthanxbye)

Bubba and I made cupcakes after I fixed us lunch and we had eaten.  The poor kid was struggling with that hand beater, and then I realized that I showed him how to use it with his right hand.  I'm going to get used to adjusting for my little lefty eventually, right?

I also did five (!!!) loads of laundry, a few pages in my December Daily album, printed and cut a few more journaling cards for my Project Life album, pulled weeds in the back yard, and filed my nails.  Whoa.

My husband came home with these the other day.  MELT MY HEART, why dontcha?  Bubba is obsessed with them.  He carries them around and talks about how they're for the baby, and they're baby sister's socks and they're so cute. He asks where they are at least a couple times a day.  I love it.

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