Sunday, November 13, 2011

Twelve of 12 - November 2011

Okay, first off, how the heck is it NOVEMBER already? I was typing in my post title and it pretty much shocked me. I mean, I guess I know it's November. Christmas decorations are up, we've started thinking about Christmas gifts, and this morning the boy told me that we needed a Christmas tree. As cliche as it sounds, this year has just FLOWN by.

Second - I stunk at taking photos this month. I didn't get all twelve, but here's what I managed.

1. This woman BEDAZZLED her license plate. My first thought upon seeing this was, "Is that even legal?" which was quickly followed by, "Oooh, I should do that!!!" I will admit that I struggled with whether or not I should post this photo, because it is of someone's license plate, but then I figured EVERYONE can see it when she's driving or in a parking lot like I did, so posting it here isn't really blowing her cover or anything. Besides, if she didn't want people looking at it, she wouldn't have bedazzled it, right?

2. We attended a birthday party yesterday, and in true Fehling fashion I waited until the very last minute to get a gift. This meant we had to run to Toys R Us, and then to Target to get a gift bag. Every time Bubba sees a camera pointed in his direction these days he puts on this weird cheese grin. Silly boy.

3. I also waited until the very last minute to make a card. It came out cute!

4. The party was at one of those gymnastics places. It was awesome because they didn't try to do too many structured activities. There were a few, but there was plenty of free play too. You like how Bubba matches the foam blocks almost perfectly?

One of the other moms remarked that Bubba was a natural when it came to leaping in and jumping across the foam pit. I told her it was because he practices every day on my sofa!!! Seriously, this kid has spent more time in time out for jumping on the couch than anything else in the last six months. Standing on the edge and taking flying leaps into the blocks with no one yelling at him was like a dream come true.

5. There was also a long, narrow trampoline that ended in... you guessed it - a foam pit! The kids would hop down the length and then leap off the end into the pit where one of the workers would lift them out again.

6. My child. I really don't like to wear socks without shoes, and neither does he. :)

7. Having pizza with the birthday girl. He actually ate almost a whole slice! That's a really big deal because normally he'll take one bite, if he even bothers to try it. He also ate some cake, but that's not really shocking.

8. We dragged the down comforter off the bed and into the living room so we could snuggle under it on the couch. Why have I never thought of this before??? It was AWESOME! Originally the plan was to watch Harry Potter, but the dvd was not only not the widescreen version that it said it was on the box, it was so scratched that it just would not play so back to Blockbuster it went.

9. On the way back from the video store my husband stopped and got me a drink from Starbucks. I love the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucinos but have sworn off caffeine for my pregnancy. I did it for Bubba, so it's the least I can do for Finn, you know? Well, he figured out that they have a version with no coffee. It's a Salted Caramel Chocolate Frappuccino. It's not quite as good as the mocha, of course, but not bad when you want a sweet treat.

I shared it with Bubba while we watched South Park. Yes, I am a terrible parent. ;)

10. The boy got put into time out for jumping on the couch. I guess he didn't get it all out of his system at the party.

You send him to time out and he goes willingly, but then he gets all dramatic after being there half a minute, flings himself face down onto the rug and begins to fake wail. It's really annoying actually.

That's pretty much all I had. Next month should be better!

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Blogger Katy Cameron said...

A bedazzled number plate. Oh my! Definitely not legal here, they get sniffy about you even moving the letters or numbers a bit lol

I'd have love that sort of play place when I was little, why did they leave it so long to invent the cool stuff?!

2:35 PM  

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