Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Gratitude Project - Day 12

On Thursday when my husband had the day off, we decided to do a little thrifting. We hit a few stores, but I wasn't really finding anything. I did find a Pyrex bowl at one store that matched one I already had, but Goodwill wanted ten bucks for it, and it was only the second biggest one of the set. That's ridiculous! I've seen it MUCH cheaper at antique stores. That just follows along with this trend lately of Goodwill forgetting they are a THRIFT store, I guess.

We passed by this sad little shopping center that we've seen a million times before, but had never stopped to check out before. On a whim I decided we should go peek because one of the signs in front said Antiques, and I'm always down for a good antique mall! The shopping center was indeed sad and strange but I'm really glad we stopped because I scored this beauty:

It was just nine bucks AND had the lid! It's in pristine condition too - no scratches or nasty gunk that had to be cleaned off. I love the turquoise color and the snowflakes will make it perfect for Christmas time. There were some other ones there I wouldn't have minded adding to my collection, but you know - budgets and all in due time. I'm so excited to have found this one.

Today, I am thankful for other people's old crap. Specifically, I'm thankful for people who took care of their stuff so that others like me could enjoy them in the future. My old stuff is so much prettier than anything you can buy now. :)

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