Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Gratitude Project - Day 8

Today, I am thankful for this boy.

I'm thankful for him from the moment I wake up in the morning and roll over to see him asleep next to me until the moment I feel his breathing get deep and even as he falls asleep snuggled against me at night. I know he's too big to be sleeping with us still, but at the same time, I struggle to sleep comfortably without him there.

I'm thankful for him when I hear him parrot something I've said earlier, mimicking my intonations perfectly. I'm thankful when I feel his little hand in mine. I'm thankful when he climbs into my lap and demands that I snuggle with him. I'm thankful when he sits next to me to read me his books. I'm thankful when he sits at the piano and asks me to play ABCs so he can sing along. I'm thankful for him when I ask him what he wants to do today and he tells me he wants to go to Goodwill. I'm thankful for him when I watch him acting out the Cars movie with his toys on the living room rug. I'm thankful when he runs back inside on our way to the car because he forgot his hat. I'm thankful for him when he demands "Shake your booty!" for an impromptu dance party. I'm thankful for him when he shouts out from the back seat all the different kinds of vehicles he sees while we're driving somewhere, from firetrucks and construction scrapers to the humblest Honda and Volkswagen Beetle.

I'm thankful for him when he gives his own humorous commentary on shows that we're watching on tv. Last night, we were watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Making the Team (don't judge!!!) when he looked over at his dad and said, "Look, boobs!" Tonight while watching Hoarders he gasped out loud and exclaimed, "OH MY GOODNESS, look at that huge mess!"

This boy is one of the greatest blessings I've ever received, and for him I am thankful.

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Blogger Katy said...

The only reason I'm judging for watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders show is because I think it's friggin awesome. I admit to it being a guilty pleasure.

7:07 AM  

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