Friday, November 04, 2011

The Gratitude Project - Day 4

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I live in Arizona. It's hot here much of the year, and we get very little rainfall. This is a total bummer for a lover of gray days such as myself. Honestly? I think summer and sunny days, while I know they have their place, are totally overrated. Give me a gray, drizzly, overcast day where I can hang out with my boy, read a book and sip some hot cocoa and I'm a happy camper! I hate the sun glaring in my eyes, making me sweaty, keeping all my cute cardigans hidden away. I hate not being able to leave the house because the heat is so oppressive. I spend almost half the year hiding inside my house because of the heat, and it's ridiculous!

Fall has taken it's sweet time getting here this year. Usually it's cooled off around these part by Halloween, but this year it was over 90 degrees still on October 31st! Crazy! However, it's cooled off substantially in the past couple of days and tomorrow it's expected to be 64 degrees for the high. By Monday it will be 62 which means we will have cooled off thirty degrees in a week! How's that for making up for lost time?

This morning I woke up to a beautiful, overcast day. There's a slight breeze working on my wind chimes and I'm able to have the doors and windows open for the third day in a row. It doesn't look like rain at all, but if it sprinkles a little I won't be surprised. I think the boy and I will bake some chocolate chip cookies later.

Today, I am thankful for gray, overcast days.



Blogger Katy Cameron said...

Hee hee, you should move over here, you'd soon get over your grey-day loving ;o) Saying that, the sun is actually out at the moment...

5:58 AM  

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