Friday, November 11, 2011

The Gratitude Project - Day 11

Yesterday my husband had a day off work. His laptop needed a day at the spa, so to speak, so since he was maxed out on vacation time he decided to take the day off while it was being checked out by IT. We started off our day by going to pick up a Christmas gift I found for the boy on Craigslist. It was something that the lady selling it said she received as a gift for her kids, put away because they were too small for it at the time, and forgot about it until they moved and now her kids were too big. Score!

The house was in a new development, so the boy was all sorts of giddy watching a crane framing a house. There was a lot of construction equipment around too which was pretty exciting. As we left, my husband suggested maybe checking out some Goodwills in that part of town. I'm always up for a trip thrifting, so we headed out. As we sat at the stop sign waiting to leave the development, we saw the coolest thing - an old bomber flying overhead. So cool! I mentioned that we were near an airfield that had a museum so we altered our plans a bit to drive by and see if we could watch any other airplanes. As we sat at a light a few blocks away, the bomber flew right over us again so we could get a better view. I think the boy was about to wet his pants from excitement in the back seat at this point.

Finally we found the airfield and the museum. We noticed there were a few old planes outside the hangar where you could see them near the fence, so we pulled up so the boy could see. Our timing was perfect, because that's when the bomber had decided to land and taxi into the lot! It was sort of surreal to sit there and have this HUGE old plane with the cool propellers headed right for us. Seriously, the fence was the only thing separating us. It was less than a football field away, maybe 50-70 yards? Wild.

Today, I am thankful for the small gifts and everyday magic that comes into our lives. Instead of being annoyed that the laptop didn't work, or we had to drive across town to pick up something, or that we couldn't really afford to go inside the museum this week, we took what we were given and had a lovely day. :)



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