Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Gratitude Project - Day 20

Today, I am thankful for scented candles. OH MY WORD is my already sensitive sense of smell going crazy with these pregnancy hormones! It doesn't help that I have a little dog who doesn't like to hold it either. She's housebroken in the sense that she will go to the door and ask to be let out if she needs to do her business. However, if someone is not around to open the door for her, she has no qualms about copping a squat in front of the door and going. We just discovered today that she's been peeing on the little rugs in the kitchen too. I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

If we had a dog door it wouldn't be an issue, but being in a rental, we can't exactly just knock out a wall. They do sell those inserts for the sliding doors, but I have found those to not be secure. If you give them a good jiggle you can usually wiggle them out and then anyone would have access to your home. That's not cool! Crating her isn't an option either because she screams. Literally, it sounds like a small child being tortured. It's awful.

So yeah, even though we clean and we clean, I can still smell the urine smell (I'm sure the boy doesn't help matters either, actually) almost constantly. My husband says he can't smell anything. If it's not urine, it's what we had for dinner last night, or something the neighbors cooked, or my husband's stinky shoes... you get the idea.

Hooray for scented candles!



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