Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Gratitude Project - Day 15

Today, I am thankful that the Lord thought to bless me with the gift of creativity. I love knowing that I can look at something crafty and many times be able to figure out how to make it for myself. I think of all the different types of crafts that I have taught myself in this lifetime, using books and internet videos, and I know it is a gift.

I found some photos of a few cards that I have made lately on my camera's memory card, so I thought I'd post them here.

This one was for the birthday party we went to on Saturday. Originally the three was pink, but I didn't like how it looked. As a result, I had to change to blue glitter at the last minute and there was no time for Stickles to dry. I ended up using regular glitter and I'll be cleaning it up forever.

This one was for a party earlier this summer. I copied one I saw on Pinterest. I wish I had used the round rhinestones instead of those oblong ones, but once they were stuck I couldn't get them off again without tearing the paper. Ah well.

This one was also copied from a card on Pinterest. Someone (not me!) was a bad pinner and I don't know where the original source for this was.

This was was from the spring. Man I love glitter!!! This one was really simple because I seriously waited until the very last minute to make it. I'm terrible like that.


Blogger Rodi said...

Cute cards! And yes creativity is a gift :). I just bought the Martha Stewart 24 pack of glitter...

4:54 AM  
Blogger Katy Cameron said...

Those are very cute cards. I have to admit to being a really bad crafer these days, as I frequently put so much effort into making the gift that I totally forget that I need a card too. I used to have a stash of cards from when I was on the design team on a scrap site, but alas, they're all exhausted now (unsurprisingly at 5 years down the line lol) I shall have to add card making into my New Year clearout plans (that will use up a pile of scrapbooking paper, so that's clearing, right?) I may have to pin some of these to start me off :o)

7:09 AM  

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