Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Goldfield - The Bordello (Part Three)

After the gunfight, there were some "ladies" hanging out in town square who were kind enough to pose for a photo.

They invited us up to see the bordello and have the mini tour, so we did.

This is what they said the "Floozies" as they called them, looked like. They had big breasts, teeny tiny feet, and large thighs. They wore their corsets cinched super tight to give them that wasp waist that would emphasize those other features. They didn't want the girls to look sick or like they had syphilis, so they looked like this instead. Apparently they fainted all the time and ended up with back problems from those corsets.

We learned how a shot of liquor got it's name, and that change was never given to customers. Instead they got these coins to use on a return visit.

This is a room where a new girl would work. No windows meant no trying to escape. Check out the side of the chamberpot.

This was what the nicer rooms would look like. Check out that crazy copper tub!

Never been in bed with a Floozy before...

This is a view of the backside of the bordello. See that turret?

Here it is from the inside.

Our tour guide gave us oranges off her neighbor's tree. That was the best orange I've had in a long time!

We saw some more neat old buildings before we headed over to the next attraction.

Stay tuned...


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How fun!

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