Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twelve of 12 - January 2011

All righty, I'm back on the 12 of 12 bandwagon!!! I did so well for the first part of last year, but kept forgetting the last few months. I'm going to try to remember this year! This is my goal. Once a month; I can do that, right?

I woke up to this sight first thing this morning. Apparently I decided to fingerpaint a tester swatch of paint on the hall bathroom wall sometime after I took my sleeping pills. NICE. For what it's worth, I don't like that shade of gray. It's darker than I wanted and way too blue.

Breakfast of champions! Chocolate almond butter on homemade bread. YUM.

My work table is a honking MESS. I have too many unfinished projects.

But here are two I can cross off my list! I made another cheese dome cloche but painted it white this time instead of black. I also found this birdcage at Goodwill for three dollars. It had some awful fake ivy inside along with a fake bird, and the bars on one side were all smashed in and twisted. I checked and all of them were there, so I bought it and brought it home. It wasn't too hard to bend them back straight again.

Lunch! We roasted a turkey on Monday and since there are just two of us eating it (Bubba won't touch it) it's been incorporated into a LOT of meals this week.

Valentines! I combed Google image search for vintage valentines and printed out a bunch that I liked. After embellishing them with Stickles and letting them dry, I cut them out to use in my Valentine decor.

Oh, and I started putting out Valentine decor! HA! My mother in law gave me the amazing lace edge cake plate for Christmas. The big apothecary jar was a gift from my sister in law last Christmas, the feather wreath was re-purposed (along with the felt heart garland from last year) from my Christmas mantel, and pretty much the rest of it came from Goodwill.

Here is the start of my new mantel decor. Again, everything except the large white frame and one of the books came from Goodwill. The white frame my mother found, you guessed it, in a dumpster. I have a piece of plywood that I need to cut down to fit and it will be a chalkboard. I wish I had a strand of Christmas lights with a white cord to stick in the cage. It's so dark in here without the Christmas trees.

On to another project! What do you mean you're not supposed to do woodworking inside the house???

I needed it for this! This is the master/craft room bath. Isn't it PURTY??? This is getting it's own post tomorrow.

My husband brought me home a present. I love these self adhesive glittered sheets of Fun Foam. They cut so beautifully in the die cut machine and you don't have to deal with putting glitter on things yourself and making a big mess.

Bubba got a bowl of blueberries after dinner as dessert, and I guess Kitty Cat wanted a few too.

That pretty much was my day!



Blogger Elizabeth said...

You go girl!! LOVE the bathroom!!

I have announced my book that I will be using for my book club. Stop on by my blog to sign up!!

10:01 AM  

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