Monday, January 17, 2011

The Zoo... Again!

Today Bubba and I met up with an old friend at the zoo. Yup, the zoo for the second time in a week and a half. I've officially gone more often than I did in the last decade, I think. Hooray for awesome aunties who give little boys memberships! Of course, we didn't stop to think that today was a freaking holiday and that perhaps everyone and their mother was going to be there. I knew I was in trouble when I was running a few minutes behind and then saw a giant sign that said ZOO PARKING FULL - NEXT RIGHT FOR PARKING. Um, yeah, I didn't think so. Not only were they charging $5 for that lot (the zoo lot is free) but it was about a 1/2 mile hike from there to the front entrance to the zoo. I took my chances with the zoo lot, and managed to find parking in a far aisle.

Of course, I couldn't call my friend and let her know why I was late because I forgot my cell phone at home. Of course. Luckily the nice guy in the gift shop let me use their phone, which I used to call my husband (the only phone number I have memorized besides my own) who called my friend and told her where I was. I swear I have some serious talent some days.

My friend and I used to work together like a decade ago for GM doing roadside assistance in a call center. She actually is the one who introduced me to my husband. Bubba is five months older than her daughter. Aren't they cute?

I swear that boy has his father's exact facial expressions.

We didn't walk the whole zoo like we did last time. We did see some animals that we missed last time though, like the zebras.

This guy walked right up to the edge of the habitat and just stared at all the people staring at him for several minutes.

We also went to see the little monkeys.

It was crazy! They have this enclosure where they let you in and the monkeys are just in the trees all around you. They're climbing on vines over the walkways and swinging in the trees right over your head. Insane.

You do get strict instructions to not touch the monkeys and also to wash your hands when you leave because, as the worker said, "Monkeys pee on everything."

After the zoo we made a stop at Joann, and then grabbed lunch. Look at our big kids!

After that we stopped in a shop to look at some home decor. That's when Bubba decided that good behavior time was OH-VAH and proceeded to act like the biggest turd ever.

That's right. I called my child a turd. Hey, if the shoe fits, you know?

We had to beat a hasty retreat, which led to a full blown tantrum by the time we made it to the car. Today, my kid was THAT kid. Ugh. So embarrassing. At least he slept all the way home, which was probably the problem in the first place.

Oh! I wanted to share this picture we got at the zoo.

They were doing a milk promotion there and giving away free milk. They also had these milk mustache stickers that you could put on for a photo. Too funny!

It was taken with one of these.

Okay, so I will admit I never have been a fan of Polaroids (except fake ones on my phone, hooray Shake It Photo and Instagram!) but I am so smitten with the tiny pictures this thing spits out. They're like the cutest things EVER!!! I need to find a way to make some extra $$$ so I can buy myself one.

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