Monday, January 31, 2011

Goldfield - Gunfight! (Part Two)

One of the big attractions in any ghost town has got to be the gun fight. Goldfield was no exception. Every hour they had one, and it was nice and scripted with bits of comedy and a surprise ending. Check out this dude's beard.

After some discussion, my sister and law and I concluded it had to be real.

The ladies came in after all the guys but two were dead, then picked them off so they could keep the money box.

We wandered by the jail and gallows. Hey! Who is that in jail?

It's rough on the inside.

We explored some more and found some great photo ops.

The post office was just this set of boxes outside the hat store under the bordello.

Since we were there, and the sign said "family friendly" we decided to go check that out. Those photos coming tomorrow.


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