Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A moment of silence, please

I went to use this today, and it's dead. I've barely had it a year, if that! It's not like I've used the hell out of the thing either. It won't squeeze all the way. Something is keeping the cutting part from coming up all the way, and for the life of me I can't figure out what is jamming it. I messed with it for a good ten minutes, but the metal looks a little jagged. The crazy part is, it's still SUPER sharp. Ask me how I know.

I woke up at 8:15 this morning, and the whole house was quiet. Since I know my husband is supposed to be at work at nine, this meant one of two things:

1) He was up super early and already left the house.

2) He was still asleep in the living room (he falls asleep on the couch watching tv frequently) and was now going to be very, very late.

I go into the living room, and of course, it's option number two. I tell him to get up, and my reward for hauling my butt out of bed to save him? He makes fun of my hair. True story.

Even though he's got his butthead groove on first thing, I decided to be nice, since I was up anyway, and make him lunch. Haven't done one of these in AGES!

Granted, it's not fancy, because I just threw together what I could find in the freezer, bit it's pretty well rounded. Some plain steamed rice, Ikea meatballs (so so bad, yet so so good), tamari for the rice in one piggy bottle, Ginger Soy sauce for the meatballs in another, broccoli, baby carrots, edamame, and some dark chocolate Pocky under the lid. The dog was so irritated that I didn't give her a carrot. I don't think she's speaking to me right now.

In scrappy news, I am completely caught up in my gratitude journal! I fell woefully behind the past couple months, and I didn't want something that cute (in my humble opinion) and that started out that well to just die halfway through the year. I went back through my blog posts and found appropriate things that I would have been grateful for those weeks, and got myself back to the current week. I am loving this album!

Then, I decided to do a layout. I busted out this oldie but goodie:

I was TRYING to cut a teeny tiny scalloped circle with my Silhouette, but it wouldn't cooperate. I guess everything has it's limits, huh? I need to figure out how to clean the cutting sheet, because even though I haven't used it that much, it's pretty linty so the paper isn't sticking very well. It's nowhere near worn out yet, so I hate to just replace it already.

The Stickles on my layout are drying still. Once they have firmed up nicely, I'll scan the layout. another area where I've "caught up" is my gallery on Two Peas. I hadn't been posting my layouts online, except here on my blog for a long time, so there was a pretty big gap of missing stuff. Now it's all there and current. Same for my blog banners on Flickr. You can click the links on the sidebar if you are interested in seeing any of that.

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Blogger Lily said...

Thanks for sharing. Isn't it sad when our beloved tools go down?!?! Lunch looks yummy.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Suzy said...

Sara the exact same thing happened to my fiskers circle punch and i had maybe used it once...time to write to them!

9:27 PM  

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