Tuesday, July 29, 2008

28 weeks and day two of housewifery

Last year, I bought a sweet basil plant.

Last year, I also managed to swiftly kill said sweet basil plant.

Yesterday, we went to Trader Joes and they had more sweet basil plants for just two bucks, so I decided to try again.

Isn't it pretty? I know, I'm a total glutton for punishment! That pot is misleadingly large. Once I transplanted it and watered it, it weighed a ton. I hope this one makes it! I also transplanted this little palm looking plant I got at Ikea for the living room. This counter was covered in potting soil a few hours ago, but now it's nice and clean and my sink is shiny. I'm roasting a chicken for dinner though, so it won't look like this for long. Boo.

I finally took a 28 week belly photo too:

I do plan on trying to do it again tomorrow, as I look only slightly more appealing than a poop sandwich here. BLECH. I just showered and got dressed and didn't bother with hair or makeup. Turns out, I kinda need those things. My stomach is starting to look like an alien presence on my body, like something someone Photoshopped onto me as a joke.

It's big, yo.

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Blogger Janet said...

I think you look awesome and happy!! No makeup needed!

10:32 PM  
Blogger kingsqueen said...

I think you look great!

4:49 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

You look so cute! Good luck with the plant! We have some (basil) growing outside and they are my favorite.

5:32 AM  
Blogger :: gingerkitty :: said...

Have a wonderful day...thanks for sharing!!

living creating & appreciating
my blog

5:37 AM  
Blogger Lily said...

Shut up Girl, you are so glowing with your adorable belly and plant planting

5:47 AM  
Blogger KarenSue said...

I'm not very good with plants also,
cut pic!!
I left you something on my blog

3:03 PM  
Blogger Devon said...

you look great!! I miss being preggo!

3:49 PM  
Blogger Krissynae said...

You Basal will take off in it's big new home. You look beautiful pregnant.

5:37 PM  
Blogger mademoisellechitchat said...

You look SO cute!!!!!! Thanks for posting a photo!

8:04 AM  

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