Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess where I went today?

Give you a hint:

We went to the Seattle Aquarium! It was pretty cool. I got a TON of really cool photos. I have to tell you, it's awesome to have a camera that you actually know how to use properly, even if it is a cheap little point and shoot. I saw so many people there with huge, fancy digital SLR's, trying to take pictures of things behind glass with a freaking FLASH and then complaining about the glare. Duh!

There were so many clownfish hiding in this anemone. They moved really fast though, so they were hard to photograph.

This was in a tunnel, up over my head. There was sunlight filtering down, and all thse long skinny little fish just swirling and swirling around above you. So freaky, yet cool at the same time.

The sea lions were just doing laps, around and around their tank. They'd roll over on their backs, never once breaking formation. Just swimming and rolling along.

This little guy had his tail hooked round that branch thing (so I'm not up on my terminology, I'm from the desert, cut me some slack!) and was just hanging out. Sea horses are so cute.

Okay, so we were looking at this one huge tank, and there was an enormous puffer fish in there. I'm talking like three feet long, and least! He was way, way in the back, but even though I wasn't using a flash, I think the little red "ready" light on my camera caught his attention, because he totally made a beeline for me and came right up to the glass.

He was apparently ready for his close up.

Pretty green anemone and some bright orange starfish.

We had dinner with my mother in law, her boss and her friend and this cute little restaurant on the beach, after which my posse (consisting of my husband and me and the critter in my belly) headed down to...

That's right! I got my milkshake, finally! Check out the prices:

My husband was grousing that they raised them, LOL! I'll take my $1.90 milkshake and be happy, thank you very much!

I saw this under the price sign, and felt it was very interesting:

Dick's hamburgers, the home of the $2.40 deluxe burger, has better benefits than the Hilton. The 401k is better, they offer childcare/tuition reimbursement, and the starting pay is $1.50 an hour higher than the hotel engineers make. They also get three weeks of vacation, whereas I had to be there a whole year before I even got one. Their milkshakes taste way better too.

I'm ready to start singing about how I'm free as a bird now!

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Blogger emily said...

How funny (re: the sign!) I was in a fast food restaurant recently and they posted their salary on an ad...yeah...about what I make in a job that I'm required to have a MA to do...where did I go wrong!!! I have worked in a restaurant before and LOVED it!

7:05 AM  

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