Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Center of the Universe

Today, I visited the center of the universe.

Seriously, check it out. The sign here says so:

That's Fremont in Seattle. They've got a lot of kooky public art there.

A real rocket turned business decor.

A giant Volkswagen eating troll.

You know, stuff like that. My husband and I were discussing the center of the universe, and he told me that since the universe is infinite, theoretically, ANYWHERE in the universe could be the center. I thought about what he said and came to the following conclusion:

I am, indeed, the center of the universe.

Kick butt.

We also wandered down to a beach that I haven't seen before. It was on the lake, and therefore it was grassy. I swear the beaches here are weird! Even though it was pretty dang cold and very overcast here today, there were actually people swimming! Hopefully, they were following the posted rules:

The "no spots" clause counted me out. Dang. To cheer me up, we headed down to this restaurant that was built on floating pontoons for dinner. I couldn't see how it was floating, you'd think you'd feel it bobbing or something, but that's what all the signs said. I took a picture of the totem pole outside.

I'm thinking about photoshopping my husband's head on there, but then I'd probably incur some sort of ancient wrath or something, and I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Now I need a nap!

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