Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm getting a Dell!

More importantly, I'm getting a PINK Dell!

Isn't it PURTY? I'm so freaking excited. I've wanted a computer of my very own for a while now. One with just my files, just the programs I want, that I can use whenever, even if the husband is playing a game or online. I can take it with me from room to room, it's gonna have a webcam in case I want to make a silly video of me and the dog or something, and...

A cordless mouse in the EXACT same shade of pink, because the little joystick things suck.


Best Christmas gift EVER. My husband ROCKS! This is what happens when you give your husband an Xbox Elite for your anniversary ladies. Take note!

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Blogger melissa said...

I am SO jealous!! congrats :D

6:54 PM  

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