Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sit. Stay. Good Miss M.

I feel gross. I ate way too much rich food yesterday and I'm paying for it with a stomachache today. Add to that not sleeping well, due to said stomachache, and an incredibly rough first ten minutes at work this morning... well, I was ready to pack it in and take a half day off! I decided to try and stick it out though. I'll admit, I was kind of scared to eat lunch though because I didn't want to aggravate my stomach. I ate anyway, and yeah, I do feel a little worse, but I think I'll be okay for now. I didn't pack my lunch today, because I slept in, and yesterday was the all employee luncheon here at work, so no lunch for Tuesday either. Here is Monday's lunch, in my new $1 Hello Kitty bento box:

I have a steamed pork bun, some edamame, steamed rice decorated with carrot stars, a hardboiled egg over more edamame, more carrot stars, and some gyoza. Totally forgot to pack some gyoza sauce though, duh. I had a little side dish with a few Koala cookies, and a packet of Hello Kitty furikake (rice seasoning) I picked up last weekend. It had a stronger taste than the one I normally use, so I didn't even use it all, but it was good. My lunch, with the Hello Kitty chopsticks in the Hello Kitty case, was extremely Kawaii. Loves it!

I went over to Susan's house Monday night and taught her and her kids a bunch of Bento stuff. We cooked so many little tidbits, and trashed her kitchen in the process. (for this, my husband thanks me for taking my show on the road) I made her a little book with the recipes in it, really simple and very Cathy Zielske styled, but cute, if I do say so myself. You'll have to take my word for it though, because even though we are BOTH scrapbookers, no one took any pictures!

I leave you with a picture of sweet Miss Gidget, sitting on the edge of the couch like a person. I'm helping her stay up (you can see my hand around her midsection), but she looks like a sweet little baby, doesn't she?

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