Monday, September 17, 2007

Guess who's back?

Back again? Bento's back!

Yup, I finally hauled my sorry ass out of bed early enough to make lunch this morning! Woo!

Here I have rice with furikake, topped with a sliced hardboiled egg (aren't egg slicers GRAND?) edamame, a carrot sakura, and tiny turkey meatballs on mini bamboo skewers. I made a whole mess of these last night and now they are safely nestled in the depths of my freezer in a ziplock sack... insert your own dirty joke here.

The bottom tier is broccoli, shumai, and more edamame topped with carrot stars. Yummy and way more nutritious than the lunches I've been having the past few months. Lunch is provided free at work, but it is usually stuff like chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, lasagna... you know, really heavy food. Veggies are usually there, but slathered in butter. It is hotel food after all!

I also had the healthy breakfast of miso soup with vegetables, rice and a hard boiled egg... let me tell you my butt was STARVING by nine am. I snacked on some apple slices, but waiting for lunch was rough. It's always the hardest part of trying to eat healthy, isn't it? The getting used to normal portions again.

I did manage to avoid the box of glazed donuts that sat on the corner of my desk all afternoon. Sure, I had to print out a little picture of a woman in a really slutty costume to scotch tape to the back of the box, but the point is that I did it! Woo me!

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