Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I weighed myself this morning, and I was at my highest weight EVER.

I haven't been to the gym in three weeks. The three weeks before that, I was there four or five days a week! I was doing the weight machines and everything, and didn't lose an ounce. This is totally lame.

I'm a big fat cow. Moo.

You wanna see what big, fat cows eat for lunch?

Yesterday I had:

Edamame, a steamed barbecue pork bun, broccoli, raw carrots, steamed rice and tamago. There's a little piggie bottle of soy sauce in there that I didn't even touch, and four dark chocolate Pocky under the lid.

Today I had:

Turkey meatballs on cute little skewers, steamed rice, raw carrots, shumai, edamame, a hardboiled egg, and another piggy of shoyu. My box is on the top, my husband's is on the bottom. His is all a star themed... how cute!

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Blogger em said...

Cute! I love your lunches!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Susan Keuter said...

okay - I'm ready for my "bento box" lesson

did you get my email??? I'm keeping my eyes open for Hello Kitty anything - to no avail! H-E-L-P!!!!

cute lunches though - Im jealous!!!!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Seattlean said...

Thanks for the tasty stars!

3:46 PM  

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