Monday, August 13, 2007

I should leave my glasses at home more often.

I got up so late this morning, that I was late leaving the house for work. In my rush out the door, I forgot my glasses.

My problem is that I'm nearsighted and my prescription isn't very strong. A lot of times, I don't realize my glasses aren't on my head until I need to see something far away, like the TV or street signs when driving. Therefore, when I'm in a hurry, it just doesn't register until I'm in the car driving away and I notice the world is a little on the blurry side. Luckily, my eyes aren't so bad that I can't read the signs without them.

Anyway, I get to work, and I start getting compliments left and right. Oh, you look so pretty today! Are you wearing makeup? You look different! I love the new 'do. You don't usually wear that color and you should, it really looks good on you.

1. I always wear makeup. Every day. Usually the same thing, as I am pressed for time in the mornings. Eyeliner, neutral shadow, powder, mascara, lipstick or gloss. Maybe blush.
2. My hair is pretty much like this every day too. Just straighted with the iron and down. Sometimes I'll slide in a headband or pin back the front, but usually I dont' have time for that.
3. All my work clothes fall into the following palette: pinks, browns, blacks, greens, and khaki(which I guess counts as a brown). Makes picking something to wear a lot easier in the morning because it all pretty much matches or coordinates. Granted, the top I'm wearing today is new, but it's brown, and I have other brown tops.

No one mentioned my glasses until I'd been here about an hour. Funny how that works! The bad, vain part of me was like, ooh, maybe I should just not wear them anymore to work. I don't need them THAT bad. Then the nice, sane, rational part is like, uh, are you freaking KIDDING ME???

Thank God for that part, or I'd be a real mess.


Anonymous Seattlean said...

I think you're hot with or without your glasses...

: p

5:51 PM  
Blogger Livs said...

Last year I had bionic eye surgery (that thing where they laser your eyeballs and the next day you can see through walls and you never need to wear glasses again)... anyway, in preparation for that, I had to wear my glasses instead of contacts every day for a month. I literally had to concoct outfits around my glasses (e.g. the "sexy librarian," "hipster with a hidden tattoo," etc.). After the surgery, all of those great ensembles were left without a mooring post, a force to hold them together... it was so sad.... What I'm trying to say is, sure take a day off from your glasses now and then, but don't EVER forsake them. You'll live to rue the day.

8:04 PM  

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