Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lessons to Live By:

*Show Up
*Listen to Understand
*Laugh Frequently
*Lighten Up!

I have this little flip thingy of motivational quotes on my desk, and I think that this one is my favorite. Especially the first one. You miss so much in life if you don't take a chance and just show up! It's easy to say I don't wanna, and stay at home. Heck, I do it all the time. Sometimes though, there have been times where I honestly didn't want to go somewhere, but I decided to suck it up and go and I actually enjoyed myself. You just gotta take that chance.

For instance, I started eating healthier this week, and part of that decision was that I was going to start going to the gym again. My gym offers free personal training once a month. They call it reprogramming, and they have a trainer record your progress and give you a workout to follow until the next reprogramming. Usually you have to listen to them try to sell you personal training sessions and vitamins/supplements, but you can say no, and hey, it's kinda worth it for a free personal training session.

The problem was that I felt crappy all day yesterday. It was probably due in large part to sleeping for so long the night before, but I had a headache all day. I could feel by the end of the day that it wanted to be a migraine, and I started to get that, "I don't FEEL like going to the gym" feeling. Then I looked up and I saw that quote, and decided to suck it up and just GO. I did have an appointment, after all.

Last time I did reprogramming was the first week of May. It was the day before I hurt my knee, so I literally didn't go to the gym for almost three months. I was not looking forward to the numbers on that scale. Sure enough, I got on, and I had gained weight. Not a lot, but I was up about 3 1/2 - 4 lbs. Crappy, but what did I expect sitting on my ass watching four episodes of Scrubs a night?

Next, the trainer checked my body fat with the calipers (always a fun boost for the self esteem) and took my measurements. I had gone bra shopping last week, and all the bras fit poorly, except for one that was a D cup. A freaking D CUP!!! Yikes! I didn't buy it. Denial is an ugly thing. Turns out, my breast measurement has gone up an inch and a half since May! That was the big one. Some measurements went up, most went down or stayed the same. My body fat went down. This made the trainer pause.

That's interesting he says to me. He takes me over to a table and sits down with a calculator. After punching in some numbers, and making some notations on my card he told me that the number on the scale may have gone up, but I have actually lost 3 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle. He said I must have been doing something besides sitting on my behind for the last three months for that to happen.

At this point, I confessed that I had gotten a stripper pole.

He looks at me, then looks down at my card. Funny story: when you start this, you have to list a goal on your card. I've always done the reprogramming with my friend in the past, and we listed fun goals. For instance, she said that if she lost 15 lbs she would get something from Tiffany. Me?

I put down that I wanted to be able to wear a REALLY slutty Halloween costume.

Great. So now my trainer is thinking I'm this freak. I'm sure of it. He says, so, can you flip upside down yet? I said no, I just started a couple of weeks ago, so I am not strong enough yet. He says okay, our goal is to get you upside down then! Then he asks what it was that got me back into the gym. I told him, "uh, I'm fat?" He just laughed and said I wasn't fat, just really outta shape. Aw, how nice.

Anyway, I learned that I am allowed to check out that little card from the front desk to follow what we did, and that I didn't have to rely on memory to get through it. He wrote it all down, what machines, how many sets, how many reps. I've been going to this gym over a year now and no one ever told me that before. He also said that he would call me in a month to schedule my next reprogramming so that I didn't forget or have any excuses. This way I would be held accountable because he found that people had more success using the same trainer each time rather than bouncing between them.

This is the first trainer I've had that has instilled confidence in me, that made me feel like he was more concerned with me getting the proper help than with selling me vitamins or personal training sessions, or signing up all my friends. He said that right now, the most important thing was for me to just focus on getting in there and getting started slowly. Then we could work up to the other stuff.

I really feel like I can do this. Baby steps, one day at a time, and all that stuff. I've come to realize that I can't fall into the trap of thinking that I don't FEEL like going, or I DON'T WANT TO go, because truth be told, I'll NEVER feel like going or want to go. I hate going to the gym. I hate working out. I hate sweating. I hate being hot. I hate being sore the next day.

Now, I HAVE to go to the gym. No excuses. Excuses aren't going to get rid of my fat ass and flabby arms. Excuses are what got me in this position in the first place. This has to be something I have to do like going to work everyday. I can't think about it, I can't debate it, I just have to suck it up and go, like it's my job.

I know I've asked for it before, but wish me luck!


Blogger krystyn said...

Good luck. It's great that they offer the free personal training session..that's really nice.

If you feel really good after your workout, maybe try to focus on that for your motivation to get there everyday?? Just a thought.

12:06 PM  
Blogger melissa said...

thats the right attitude!-I wish you lots of luck :)

its always good to find a nice trainer like that, that really seems to care about your health and not just about benifiting themselves.

I had to LOL when you said you put down your goal is to fit into a really sluttly Halloween costume...I think secretly everyone has a goal like that (I know I do)

1:07 PM  
Blogger Susanne P. said...

what an awesome trainer. the one or two times i have gone i got the other kind. maybe i should try again.

my psychologist says it's good for my brain, not just my health. great. now there are 2 reasons i should go.


11:37 AM  

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